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a tiger. The name includes two words: toy ("toy") and tiger ("tiger"). It is the tiny version of a mighty predator.

A domestic tiger - a cat a toyger: the description of breed and the rule of contents the Cat the toyger on the appearance very much reminds
a tiger

the Toyger – one of the youngest breeds in the world. They are madly charming and beautiful.

is A little history

In 1993 by a selection way the cat breed a toyger was received.

Walking on streets of India, Judee Sagden paid attention to the kitten who is most corresponding to her criteria for new breed. In 1980 its work actively began, and success did not keep itself waiting long. By means of selection kittens of breed a toyger were born. Materials of cats of the Bengalese breed in which removal mother Judee, the famous manufacturer Jane Mil was engaged were the basis for work. Connection of the Bengalese with a pet allowed to bring a cat out of India a toyger of a tiger color. The first representative of toygers called Dzhamm, his head and ears in a form resembled tigerish.

A domestic tiger - a cat a toyger: the description of breed and the rule of contents to
the Toyger – one of the youngest breeds in the world

B 2006 a toyger – the breed of short-haired domestic cats – was shown at an exhibition. Admission to the TICA championship and she gained official recognition in 2007. Today it is extraordinary graceful and beautiful representatives of pets. The habits they remind the immediate family: movements and speed characterize them as predators. Therefore they are often called domestic tiger cubs.

Now the breed is in a development stage. Manufacturers want to receive a silver-white color. Careful selection of couple to receive kittens with the necessary size of eyes and the "correct" shape of ears, does this process rather difficult. However selectors nevertheless want to reduce a few ears, having made them more round.

of Feature of breed (video)


Such domestic tiger cub was not widely adopted in Russia yet. The predatory tigerish look is inherent in this beautiful graceful animal, but the kind soul of the loyal friend is behind it.

By the sizes a toyger – a large animal: the adult individual can weigh from 7 to 12 kg. Such tiger cub has the brawny, a little extended body. Thorax of animal easier rear housing. The animal has the long rounded-off tail with a dark tip and strong paws with black small pillows. The head is small, a little extended. The nose large also extends by the end.

A domestic tiger - a cat a toyger: description of breed and rule of contents

Wool short also has effect of a relief. This feature glorified this breed. Because of longer hair of black color which have to be painted over evenly the relief is created. Wool soft and elastic.

The main line in which the breed differs are tabba strips. Their color can be yellowy-brown, brown or very dark. The underfur monophonic dark gray or mouse gray is possible.

Contrast of flowers – one more feature of a color. Changed a tabbi-mackerel is the drawing of wool. The arrangement of strips has to be always vertical. They have to become isolated in rings on a neck, a tail and paws.

A domestic tiger - a cat a toyger: description of breed and rule of contents

Spots can also be extended. However on an internal part of a stomach and paws there has to be drawing. Always the tip of a tail and a small pillow of paws will be black. On a muzzle there are circular strips, wool around eyes lighter, is similar to white points. The mark in the form of a butterfly on a forehead is one more characteristic feature of these pets. Almost black eyeliner, lips and the basis of moustaches – also sign of this breed.

Existence of black parallel strips, circles or spots in a color is not allowed. Strips along a backbone should not be too.

Gallery: cat toyger (39 photos)

Character and temper

The predatory and dangerous appearance of toygers can mislead. Their character differs in complaisance and goodwill. They adapt to life in family of the owner which is perceived as I will melt. Such "tiger cubs" kind, playful and tender pets. They do not seek for domination, protect kids and get on with children.

Cats of this breed are not persuasive that is especially appreciated by their owners. Kittens quite seldom mew, but with pleasure purr when they pay attention to them. At early age with them it is easy to travel, however since 1 toygers strongly become attached to the dwelling. People who spend at work much time need to take care of leisure of the pet.

These animals easily give in to training. It is easy for them to explain what is strictly forbidden to be done and that is allowed. At early age they can be good manipulators. Tiger cubs can harm intentionally, but do it to show the solvency. If it is correct to bring up the pet, then such period quickly passes. The main thing in this case – to find a way out of unrestrained energy of kittens.

A domestic tiger - a cat a toyger: description of breed and rule of contents

Leaving and food

If you have no time for daily care of pets, then this breed suits you. Care of cats consists in providing healthy nutrition, infrequent combing, toothbrushing and a podstriganiye of claws. Cleanliness and fast accustoming to a tray – one more plus of cats of breed a toyger.

The problem with obesity often occurs among representatives of this breed. Also put not in number of the eaten food here. The kitten has to eat 2 times a day. At a diet there have to be dry, preferably qualitative forages, chicken. Fish is forbidden such breed. The diet can be diluted with pork or veal hearts.

the Interesting facts about cats (video)

Such pet – an indicator of the status of the owner, to make to itself such friend expensive. High cost – the only minus of toygers.

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