• May 22, 2020

One of a component wellbeing cats – observance five freedoms . Among which – freedom for hunger and thirst. How to feed cats that they were healthy and happy?

The Cat Eats with a Close Up of a Photo
of the Photo: pexels.com

Domestic cats, as the rule, feed 2 or 3 times a day, and it seems that they quite adapted to to this mode. However it is better to feed cats in the small portions, but it is frequent (Bradshaw and Thorne, 1992). Many owners say that it is not always possible in house conditions, and unlimited access to a forage is fraught with obesity, so, set of problems, including with health. What to do?

There are ways enrichments of the environment for a cat which allow to increase time of eating of a forage. For example, the portion of food can be placed in a container with openings through which the cat will get separate pieces (McCune, 1995). It is possible to hide forage pieces that the cat found them, and thus to make feeding more interesting and to induce a murlyka to explore the room.

Important also it is correct to organize poyeny cats. Cats often prefer to drink not where eat, and it is perfect in other place. Therefore pans with water have to stand in several places (if the cat overlooks the yard, then both in the house, and in the yard).

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