• Mar 13, 2019

Pets often become full members of family. Many consider that shaggy beings are capable to cure of some diseases, to brighten up loneliness or just to lighten the mood. It seems to people that they know all about the favourites. However experts are sure of the return. Allocate 10 facts about cats and dogs who are known to not everyone.

The Facts about Cats and Dogs, Known for Not All

Curious information on cats

Modern fluffies came from miatsid. Animals of the small sizes lived on trees.

More than 10 million years ago scientists allocated to

small animals who resembled habitual house мурлык.

Some moments of life of moustached pets strike:

Washings of Cats

Curious Information on Cats

  1. Frequent washings of cats — sign not only cleanliness. Animals pinch a certain amount of substance which contains group B vitamins from wool. Thus the mental state is regulated. The ban on holding this procedure provokes stresses which are capable to lead to death of an animal.
  2. Zoologists counted that pets spend two thirds of life for a dream. It turns out that nine-year-old sluggards were awake only three years.
  3. Pets can find a way home, despite distances . This ability has the official name — "psi-travel". It is known that animals determine location by sunlight. Scientists claim that in their brain there are special magnetized cages operating as a compass.
  4. Favourites are capable to define tremors for 15−20 minutes earlier, than their owners. All the matter is that cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations.
  5. Today owners of Siamese beauties not especially welcome small knots on a tail, and earlier this defect indicated the special status. The legend claims that the Thai princess strung on a tail of a cat of ornament not to lose them during ablution in the river. In one of days the assistant dropped rings, and the princess decided to tie a small knot that the similar situation did not repeat.

Is proved that at admirers of the purring pets on a third stroke probability decreases. For this reason elderly people so like to get fluffies.

Dog secrets

Canine friends are capable to change to the best. Many do not even represent what interesting features animals have:

Dogs Have Dreams

  1. of the Dog have dreams . Psychologists defined existence of a pensive phase during which dogs dream of birds, sweets and teams.
  2. Pets can find a malignant tumor by a prinyukhivaniye method to breath of the person. They manage to distinguish more than 90 percent of patients.
  3. Sense of smell of dogs differs from human . Receptors perceive smells in such a way that badly smelling substances bring to animals pleasure.
  4. Dogs are capable to define emotions of the owner even if the intonation and intentions do not coincide.
  5. In Costa Rica there is "dog paradise". More than one hundred well-groomed and full dogs live in a shelter under supervision of veterinarians.

Each person has to be sure that his pet — the best medicine for any melancholy. Not for nothing say what animals do us better.

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