• Sep 17, 2019
So, you carried out all necessary preparations, and in the house everything is ready to a grand welcome of the new member of household. It is an important point, and your nervousness is quite clear, however the excessive enthusiasm should be "muffled" slightly not to create to a kitten an additional stress. For certain, having appeared in a new situation, far from mother and fellows, the kid will be nervous.
Is remarkable if in the first days of a kitten in the new house the kid has an opportunity to take refuge if desired in the quiet place. But at the same time the kitten has to have an access to all necessary: to a tray, stove bench, water and forage.
from the manufacturer a laying piece from a home and to put it on a stove bench. The kid will inhale a familiar smell, and it will give it confidence and optimism.
In advance think over
what places conceal in themselves danger. For example, poisonous household chemicals are often stored in the bathroom. Limit access to a kitten there from the first day. The same concerns also rules of the hostel. If you at once several firm "Are not present!" you will stop attempts to climb curtains, subsequently you should not conduct long and tiresome discussions on this subject.
If you plan to hold a cat indoors, do not allow it to slip out outside. If you have reliably fenced garden (or you do not leave the pet unguarded there), it is possible to allow a cat when she gets used to the house, to walk there. However be convinced that you apply only natural fertilizers and the pet will not get poisoned with pesticides or herbicides and that there the poison for rodents is not spread out.
Some owners set the mechanical clock near a kitten stove bench (only not the alarm clock!) Their tick reminding heart beat calms the kid.
If the new pet, having been frightened, got on an upper part or hid to the shelter, do not try to pull out it by force. You will only force it to be nervous even more. Try to entice a cat delicacy or just leave for a while alone – when she calms down, will leave.
In the first days of a kitten in the new house do not show persistence, however be nearby when the kitten copes with shyness and will risk to give up you more close acquaintance or to explore new territories.
to you even more often take
in process of accustoming of a kitten it on hands. But not by the scruff! Yes, his mother arrived quite so, but you — not a cat, and can unintentionally do to the kid harm. The kitten is taken one hand under a breast, the second — under back pads.
If you noticed that the new pet worries (pulls a tail, pryadat ears or presses them, catches a hand front pads, having shown the teeth), it is better to leave him alone. In questions of domestication more — does not mean better.
Show a little patience in the first days of a kitten in the new house, and soon the pet will become for you the wonderful friend and the partner.

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