• Feb 11, 2020

Veterinarians of one of the Tver clinics made a real miracle when they saved the little kitten doomed to death. The sick animal slowly perished at the cold railway station when it was noticed by one compassionate woman. She could not pass by the kid and brought him in veterinary clinic "Doctor Ai and Oh" that there rendered it all necessary help.

The Homeless Cat Became a Donor for a Kitten and Saved to It Life

The organism of a kitten was too weakened, and it was impossible to hesitate with rescue. Veterinarians at once carried out blood test which revealed the shortage of erythrocytes, platelets and the gematokrit. It was possible to fix a problem and to save life to the cat's child only by one method — by means of blood transfusion from other, healthier animal.

But this process is not so simple as it can seem at first sight. At first it is necessary to take a small amount of blood on a fence, then to check it for group and compatibility and only after that to gain from a jugular vein on a neck quantity, necessary for transfusion, in the special syringe with the preservative preventing biomaterial folding. Then blood is transfused to the recipient. And if guard dogs patiently undergo the procedure, then at rebellious cats use of sedative medicines is necessary, otherwise the animal will do much harm to itself.

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Besides, special requirements are imposed to four-footed donors:

  • age — from 1.5 to 6-7 years;
  • weight over 3 kg, and is better than more than 3.5 kg;
  • existence of inoculations;
  • absence of infectious diseases.

It is not so simple to find the suitable candidacy in short terms. But someone decided above that the kid has to live. The Tver initiative group on protection of dumb animals came to the rescue. Volunteers long selected the donor among the wards. And at last found ideal option.

They on overexposure had a brave cat of Chunk who was not against to become the hero. Once it was picked up from the street in depleted state and with the broken hinder leg. And having recovered, began to nayedat kilograms. Volunteers also named it Chun for the nose which is eternally soiled by food. The head of Initiative group on protection of animals Nikolay Morozov told about it.

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As soon as to the baby the necessary amount of the blood taken from well-fed Chunki was entered she was on the mend. Began to eat well and now looks for the loving owners.

As for Chunki, he feels just fine. The procedure does not bear any danger to the donor and if after that its more often to give to drink and treat to vkusnyashka, then next day the pet also will not remember "adventure".

This story ended well for both fluffies. But still very many of them need the emergency help. Therefore owners of healthy and young animals with a suitable weight have to pay attention to the announcements which are often appearing on social networks with a call for help. You should not pass by and the specialized websites where suggest to register the pets suitable for donorship.

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Blood transfusion can save tens of lives of dogs needing the help and cats. It helps out at stings of pincers, poisonings with rat poison and reagents, diseases of internals, numerous stings of fleas and also helps the animals who endured car accidents or hit on the road. It is absolutely safe for the healthy pet with a normal weight, but can kill the weakened old animal with bad immunity. Before transfusion it is necessary to undergo consultation at the veterinarian. And also this procedure should not subject the pet more than three times a year.

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