• Apr 7, 2019

in mother's womb, wool is painted not instantly, and gradually. There are centers of pigmentation which gain color the first, after them the shade extends to the head, a tail and a back. Time that cages which make a pigment managed to get to a hair bag is required. Experts allocate 10 interesting facts about a color of cats.

What Tells a Colour of a Cat about the Most Animal

Some owners never thought that their pets have surprising abilities .

the Appearance of cats is capable to tell a lot of unknown:

10 interesting facts about a color of cats

Black Cats

Colour of a Cat, Feature

  1. Red pets are considered as healers. There is a belief that they help patients to cope with heavy illnesses. "Gold" animals perfectly treat migraine and save from pressure differences. Carriers of a positive are capable to adjust of a good harmony.
  2. The gene of snow-white coloring is very strong, it interferes with receipt of a pigment to eyes and wool. For this reason such animals look at the world "heavenly" eyes. Scientists counted that more than 50 percent of blue-eyed favourites are absolutely deaf.
  3. The small speck of other color testifies to mistakes in a gene. Possibly, light spots blocked the main shade. Such representatives are considered as symbols of monetary prosperity.
  4. The British seamen liked to take black cats aboard. Besides excellent hunting qualities, moustached were famous for ability to bring good luck and not to allow a whole gale.
  5. Kittens can "rust", intensive influence of ultraviolet leads to a situation when the pigment эумеланин brightens and the hair becomes colourless. Unbalanced food is other reason of "burning out".
  6. In many countries three-colored cats are appreciated. In England they protect from adversities and diseases, in the USA — bring money to the house, in Japan — symbolize happiness. Muslims are sure that the cat's variety of colors helps to avoid the fires and floods.
  7. The gray-blue British have more than 30 various shades of wool. These sleepyheads have a rest for 16 hours a day. Thanks to phlegmatic behavior, handsome is called "partners for businessmen". They do not worry when they are in loneliness.
  8. The Norwegian forest cat is known for fluffy black-and-white "fur coat". According to one of versions, ancestors of an animal went across Norway and "were on friendly terms" with local wild cats, thus and the modern look was reached.
  9. To the people inclined to an allergy, doctors advise to bring gray favourites with a short underfur. Such pets fade less than the others.
  10. Scientists found out that cats have favourite colors which depend on own coloring. It is established that dark murlyk adore bright shades, albinos are not indifferent to reserved tones.

was a cat, it is necessary to believe that it is a wealth symbol , health and wellbeing. The gentle attitude towards the pet will provide good luck and invaluable animal love.

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