• Feb 25, 2019

Each pet differs in willfulness and unique traits of character. But it is difficult to overestimate fastidiousness of cats. 7 household objects which sound very much frightens them will be required to be used with care if in the house such animal appears. Reaction to noise is unpredictable: some hide in a far corner, others — hiss and scratch a rumble source.

What Cats Are Afraid of

Classical household "monsters"

Paradoxically, but owners often create stressful situations for cats. The ongoing feeling of alarm makes the pet aggressive and wildish. Therefore owners need to consider that some objects negatively influence pets, to take measures when using is as follows:

The Cat Is Afraid the Hair Dryer

  1. vacuum cleaner;
  2. hair dryer;
  3. electric combine;
  4. drill;
  5. doorbell;
  6. aluminum foil;
  7. mixer.

Perception of a sound at a cat strongly differs from human. Ears of the cat family are more sensitive as they should hunt, catch each movement not to miss production. And operation of the mixer is equated to a rumble of the taking-off plane.

Open Foil

the Listed phobias each cat does have to have no

. Certain pets will begin to run on the apartment, will hardly notice in the owner's hands the vacuum cleaner (and even not included yet). Others will very quietly continue to lie on a sofa and even an ear will not lead.

Help in overcoming fears

So far as concerns tranquility of the pet, the owner needs to take part in disposal of fear to this or that household subject. Independently the animal will hardly cope. of Action, recommended for performance:

Iron a Cat

  • to refuse forcing . If the cat hides, it is not necessary to try to entice her. Let overcomes fear in the place which considers safe;
  • not to intimidate by . It is impossible to use a frightening subject specially to frighten the pet. To run with the vacuum cleaner for a cat — it is cheerful, but his mentality will suffer;
  • not to start loudly working devices suddenly . It is better to dilute them with an additional soundtrack — radio, the TV, etc. When they turn on in complete silence, the fear amplifies because of surprise.

Certain pets differently react to objects which frighten them. They show aggression, snatch, but do not run away. Such behavior is dangerous what in the course of "fight" with the household appliance the cat can touch with teeth or claws of a wire.

Then not to avoid injuries. The good owner, observing such reaction, will stop using the equipment and will address for consultation the expert.

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