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the Cat servat earlier lived only in the wild nature therefore constituted a certain danger to the person. Now descendants of this surprising creation are already tamed and thanks to friendly and appeasable character can become irreplaceable pets. These cats received popularity thanks to the fact that they resemble the reduced copy of a cheetah superficially. Such similarity a long time harmed animals as hunted them for receiving valuable skins. Of course, the African cat demands certain conditions, he differs in quite large sizes and cannot live in narrowness of the ordinary city apartment, as affected the speed of distribution of this breed.

Leopard Cat Servat in the Wild Nature and House Conditions
the Cat servat earlier lived only in the wild nature therefore constituted a certain danger for человека

Сервалы in the native habitat

These representatives of the cat family deserve special attention from naturalists and fans. Considering that they were cultivated quite recently before deciding to get this surprising creation, it is necessary to consider their living conditions in the nature, only in this case it is possible to understand character and needs of such pets.

Now about 14 kinds of these surprising animals are allocated. This graceful cat lives in the Western and South Africa. The greatest population of these animals is present at Tanzania. Here on 100 sq.m there can live about 40 wild individuals. In the nature the African cat servat tries to avoid the person. Length of a body of this animal is from 100 to 136 cm. Height in shoulders fluctuates from 45 to 65 cm. This cat differs in disproportionately long and strong legs concerning a body. A trunk at an animal dry and very flexible. Rather little head keeps on a long neck. At serval disproportionately large ears. They very sensitive also allow to catch even the slightest rustles in a dense grass. The scent and sight at these animals are developed very well.

Leopard Cat Servat in the Wild Nature and House Conditions
In the nature the African cat servat tries to avoid the person

Sense organs, the mobility and flexibility allow servala to live in the wild nature, with ease enduring even severe droughts from which larger predatory cats strongly suffer. The characteristic spotty coloring of a skin which is available for the serval living in the habitat allows them to be more imperceptible in dense vegetation of the African savannas. This wild cat can reach weight about 12-19 kg. Usually animals avoid too droughty areas as they need a constant source of water. These cats usually hunt in morning and evening twilight.

usually become their victims in the wild nature:

  • small rodents;
  • frogs;
  • lizards;
  • small antelopes;
  • hares;
  • damen;
  • birds;
  • eggs;
  • some species of herbs and fruit.

The cat who possesses such graceful body never remains without livelihood. They can make long jumps to 4 m to catch a rodent. Besides, they are capable to catch a low-flying bird. Because of rather small body weight these animals differ in rather peace temper. They seldom enter fights among themselves. Having met the person or other predator, these animals try to run off on safe distance. Now many species of these wild cats are in the native habitat on the verge of extinction as on them hunting for the purpose of receiving the high-quality fur having characteristic leopard coloring is conducted.

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Character of the cultivated representatives

These animals as a pet will suit not all people. They quite distinctly show some lines characteristic of their wild ancestors. The big cat of breed servat which got to the house of the person at early age, quickly gets used to it and begins to consider the house the territory. These animals quickly get used to the person who feeds them, but at the same time can treat other family members very watchfully and cool. Kot servat is not tamed for all 100%. to Achieve that these animals bred at the person of the house, it is practically not possible. Usually kittens receive in special nurseries where the conditions close to natural are created. It is considered that these cats did not get feeling of the house yet and become attached to the owner.

These animals need to be brought up practically as dogs as only in this case servat will become not just a pet, but also the defender for the owner.

Leopard Cat Servat in the Wild Nature and House Conditions

Very important to create the most comfortable conditions for this cat. Servalam is required quite extensive area for walks and also own corner where nobody will disturb an animal. It is necessary to consider that in the human house of a servala easily learn to go to a cat's toilet, but at the same time have tendency to mark the territory. If not to remove regularly, very unpleasant smell indoors can appear. It is impossible to use physical force and to abuse the pet for faults by no means as servala differ in rancor and surely begin to revenge for offense. You should not accustom a kitten to play with hands or legs of the person as it is done by domestic cats as in the pet his wild blood can leap, and it can put very essential injuries.

It is worth to remember about walking of animals as they are rather freedom-loving. Such pet it is made will not be suitable for the families having small children. Servala's try to avoid children, which can pinch them for ears or cause other physical discomfort. Similar contacts can become the reason that the pet quickly enough will run wild and will avoid all people. To protect some things indoors from a mobile serval, it is necessary to be processed by their apple spray. This smell is not pleasant to cats therefore they will avoid such objects. From early age it is necessary to accustom an animal to a lead as it is necessary to walk serval, using a breast-band. If desired this creation it is possible to accustom to implementation of various commands. Especially well animals are trained if to encourage them with food.

Leopard Cat Servat in the Wild Nature and House Conditions

of the Rule of leaving

Cat breed servat quite exacting in respect of contents. If it is planned to get a male as a pet, it is necessary to carry out castration. Of course, it will become the conclusion reason of an animal from breeding work, but also considerably will simplify care of it. Without it the male of a serval will mark the territory, that is walls and furniture to 50 times an hour. This procedure should be carried out when the animal reaches 7-month age. Females will be sterilized in a year. It should be noted that in house conditions to receive posterity of these animals it is not possible. Females get posterity only in conditions, close to natural. Pregnancy at them lasts about 70 days, then is born from 2 to 3 kittens. Thus, it is possible to carry out castration or sterilization of an animal, participation in breeding work in this case is very doubtful.

The grace and strength of these animals quite often plays with them a mean joke. The cultivated servala are accustomed to hang on ropes, laces and even wires therefore such elements have to be inaccessible for them. Otherwise the animal can receive electric shock, get confused or be suffocated.

It is very important to show at once to a kitten where there is a tray which is specially equipped for it with wood filler. Servala are quickly accustomed to go to a toilet in the put place. It is important that the animal knew arrangement of container with water and food. Considering mobility of representatives of this breed, it is necessary to provide the pet with special toys. In this case this graceful cat will have an opportunity to support herself in shape. Servalov it is necessary to bathe periodically and to carefully comb out wool a soft brush. Sometimes it is necessary to clean eyes and ears of an animal. Vaccination is necessary to servala. However medicines which contain the activated viruses these cats cannot prick. It can become the reason of development of serious problems with health in an animal and even to his premature death.

Leopard Cat Servat in the Wild Nature and House Conditions

pet's Food

These cats have very developed hunting instinct therefore to leave them alone with poultry and rodents is not necessary. It is necessary to treat providing such pet with a necessary diet extremely responsibly. Aged up to 6 months of a serval it is necessary to feed 2 times day. After this period the pet has to receive food only 1 time a day. It will allow not to allow obesity at an animal. has to include the Diet of a serval:

  • beef;
  • chicken meat;
  • rabbit flesh;
  • crude quail eggs;
  • balanced forages;
  • vitamin supplements.

That the pet felt well, it is necessary to give him frogs and mice. It is impossible to enter into a diet of a serval at all pork as it can become the reason of development of bulbarny paralysis which is known also as an encephalomeningitis. Since one-year-old age, the animal needs to do once a week fasting day. The serval cannot give food from a human table. Besides, in free access of an animal there has to be only water while feeding has to happen only according to the schedule. The full-fledged diet is a guarantee of good health of an animal. At observance of all rules of leaving and feeding of such cat life expectancy can make more than 20 years.

How to choose a kitten

Considering difficulties of reproduction of such creations in bondage, the cost of kittens of this breed is quite big. The price of healthy animals can exceed 600 thousand rubles. You should not get an adult individual as if these creations live in one place with early age, they can take resettlement very hard. It is better if the kitten is aged from 3 up to 5 months. From the first days of life in the new house the animal has to feel most protected. Kittens of this breed demand very delicate address to themselves.

Only in this case the animal will grow attached to the owner. Such pets are recommended to be brought to the people having a big living space as in narrowness of the ordinary apartment these creations will feel extremely not comfortably. Very important before purchase to ask employees of nursery on character of this or that kitten and also on his character used earlier filler for a tray and the carried-out vaccination. These data are extremely important as they will allow to create quickly for the pet optimal conditions and to accustom more softly to new conditions

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