• Apr 23, 2019

the Breeder of cats — not just the businessman who is engaged in cultivation and realization of pets. This person has to be the real fan to raise kittens not only for the sake of profit, but also to derive pleasure from this process. Having analysed various forums and web resources, experts managed to make 10 facts and myths about breeders of cats.


Profit and existence of a family tree

Maintenance and purchase of kittens demand heavy expenses. At the same time there are no guarantees that investments will pay off further. should spend many For cats money:

Care of a Cat

  • food qualitative forage;
  • maintenance of health;
  • fight against various diseases;
  • leaving;
  • registration in a felinological system.

It actions which are carried out surely by each manufacturer.

Some consider that it is not obligatory to have a family tree. For ordinary owners who give kittens free of charge it is absolutely optional to to be engaged in execution of these documents .

However for the businessmen who are engaged in realization of kittens is professional, obligatory to have historical data on origin of kids.

Existence of skills and refusal of vaccination

The widespread myth — it is not necessary to have knowledge and skills. For ensuring full leaving, carrying out vaccines, feeding, implementation of medical procedures, needs enormous experience and special knowledge. Health and quality of development of posterity and also life expectancy of pets depends on it .


One more myth says that vaccination is superfluous. Thoroughbred individuals have hypersensibility to negative environmental conditions and are subject to developing of genetic diseases. It is necessary to carry out periodically vaccination to protect an animal from dangerous diseases.

High cost and exhibitions

At maintenance and cultivation of cats big financial investments which are spent for medical maintenance, a qualitative forage, leaving, etc. are required. High price is caused by numerous factors, including a rarity and complexity of removal of breed.

Exhibition Koshnk

Owners of nurseries extremely make thrifty use of appearance of the fluffies therefore they spend huge money for various cosmetics and procedures. The highest recognition of breeding of an animal is the victory at an exhibition, especially if it carries a rank of international. On awards it is possible to judge not only amazing visual qualities, but also mental abilities of an individual, and a genotype in fauna — it is very important.

Existence of guarantees

Large nurseries care for the name and authoritativeness therefore make thrifty use of the animals. Guarantee of the correct development and of excellent physical condition is:

Healthy nutrition

  • healthy nutrition;
  • leaving;
  • providing normal conditions of keeping;
  • love and caress.

Of course, occur among private manufacturers unfair therefore it is desirable for to address only the checked faces .

The myth that anyone can buy a kitten. Judicious manufacturers will give the pet only to the responsible, interested, hardworking person with existence of free time.

at the same time the buyer should not have material problems as the kid demands big financial investments throughout all life.

Support of the buyer and purchase from the private trader

To the person who long time dreamed of a cat, but has no due experience, give support at each stage of growing of the pet. In some nurseries there is a special position, consultation and all help to clients belongs to its duties.

Choice of a Kitten

The cost of kittens in large nurseries considerably exceeds market, and private traders can have a price several times less. It is connected with what house manufacturers often neglect rules of maintenance and leaving of cats. Therefore individuals who do not conform to the adopted standards of breed turn out, but only experts are capable to notice a difference.

to prevent distribution of such cats, in nurseries the decision at young age to carry out sterilization of kids is made.

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