• Apr 24, 2019

Cats with a short woolen cover look always charm, elegantly and extremely attractively to all fans of pets, at the same time they are absolutely unpretentious in leaving. Nevertheless there are 7 short-haired cats care products which each manufacturer has to have.

What Tools Will Be Necessary for Care of a Cat

Hairbrush and silicone brush

Cats regularly comb out themselves independently, so they delete pollution and the dropping-out hairs. However it can become the reason of impassability of intestines that threatens not only to health, but also animal life. By means of a hairbrush in only several minutes a day it is possible to bring the probability of this process to naught.

Comb-out by a silicone brush improves appearance of wool and adjusts internal processes due to stimulation of an integument. Thanks to it wool will be strong, with a saturated color.

Nail clippers and shampoo

The Nail Clipper for Cats

Podstriganiye of claws is an important procedure which is necessary for preservation of furniture and a floor covering is normal. This action is obligatory for too active pets who during the game can do harm to the owner or, for example, the child.

the Regularity of bathing of short-haired cats is once a year , but for kittens it is possible to increase up to 1 time in 6 months. At the same time it is necessary to use special shampoo as a part of which there are no toxic substances. Such products are on sale in pet-shop, purchase of balm and the conditioner will be not superfluous.

Powder, slicker brush and колтунорез

Powder is applied to improvement of appearance of a woolen cover. Means is actively used not only at exhibitions, but also in house conditions. Powder is divided into two types:

  • the gumming is used for appearance;
  • the second acts as dry shampoo.

Slicker Brush and Koltunorez

The slicker brush seldom is required for representatives of short-haired breeds, but nevertheless breeders of cats have to have it. needs to be Used in the period of a molt that will allow to get rid of excess wool quicker.

As well as the slicker brush, колтунорез will be seldom used as at such cats it is practically not formed koltun. But sometimes there is a wool complication, for example, after bathing or appearance of an open wound.

Short-haired breeds are suitable for people who are not able to afford to spend time for keeping of a pet and care of it. There will be quite enough simple events which are held not more often than 1 time a week.

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