• Mar 30, 2019

to Many manufacturers like long-haired cats, but before purchase of such pet it is necessary to consider that these breeds require special attention. Wool length at the Angora and Persian cats sometimes exceeds 10 cm, without combing there is a formation of koltun. It is necessary to consider 8 rules of care of long-haired cats to provide great appearance and excellent health to the pet.

8 rules of care of long-haired cats

Suitable equipment and algorithm

How to Comb Out Wool to Cats

the Procedure for comb-out is carried out with use of special brushes on the basis of a natural bristle, gear crests with blunt ends, the rounded-off scissors. It is possible to facilitate and accelerate process by means of powder and antistatic spray.

It is necessary to begin comb-out with the head and a neck, then pass to sides and a back then start back, to forepaws and a stomach. A final stage is combing of a tail. In the beginning process is realized with application of a soft brush in the direction against wool then — on wool.

Preservation of an esthetics and time of the beginning

That wool had a saturated color, apply starch or talc on its surface . Excess indumentum on ears is eliminated. The additional efficiency is shown by use of trimming thanks to which it is possible to allocate hairs on a shade and length.

Long-haired breeds need leaving from early age that allows an animal to get used to holding hygienic actions quicker. At the same time it is necessary to be careful, without causing to the pet of physical discomfort.

of the Rule of bathing and fight against koltuna

Bathing of Long-haired Cats

In 6 months there will be quite enough one procedure. Increase in regularity will lead to a strong psychoemotional overstrain as cats do not love water. At small and mature age it is better to increase bathing frequency to 3−5 times in half a year with application of special means.

Even at regular observance of rules of leaving not to avoid formation of koltun. their needs to be sheared accurately , otherwise the cat will cope with them independently that will lead to swallowing wool. Quite often because of it there is an obstruction of intestines which is eliminated only by means of use of gels, tablets and ointments.

the Professional help and actions at a molt

Today there is a large number of clinics which provide services in service of pets. Procedures have high effectiveness as are carried out by skilled masters with use of professional medicines. However is several essential shortcomings:

  • high cost
  • inaccessibility.

Corrected Leaving of Az Cats Long-haired

Therefore many try to cope by own forces. However at some individuals wool so problem that only experts are capable to help.

the Moult belongs to group of natural processes , but some owners of long-haired claim that the molt at domestic cats occurs almost all the year round. Such result is promoted by excessive heat, existence of the artificial lighting and the equipment changing climate in the house, for example, of the conditioner.

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