• Mar 18, 2019

Graceful animals with a silent gait and the eyes glowing in the dark, are surrounded a set of legends, guesses and signs. The little-known facts about the structure of an eye and sight of cats will help to add an image of these mysterious beings to whom many attribute supernatural lines, and will explain some features of their behavior.

Features of Perception by Cats of the World Around

of Feature of cat's eyes

Features of the structure of a cat's eye do it sensitive to bright light. For this reason in bright sunny day these animals prefer to doze somewhere in the shaded corner and if are awake, then squint and turn away from light, pupils turn into narrow chinks. Their sight significantly improves and is in twilight and darkness approximately at the same level that at the person in the afternoon.

The Structure of Organs of Vision at Cats

Sight at cats binocular. It means that their right and left eye is seen by different images which unite in the general picture in the visual center of a brain. In it the structure of the visual analyzer of pets is similar to human. However review radius at small predators exceeds human by 20 degrees (200 instead of the 180th person).

Moving objects of a cat are seen more accurately. Their keen interest in moving toys is explained by it.

This feature are quite often used by small rodents, pretending to be the dead with the purpose to avoid attack of the hunter.

The hypothesis of monochrome black-and-white sight of cats is known to everyone. However researches showed that this opinion is wrong. Without perceiving a large number of bright shades, animals nevertheless see the world painted in different colors , in particular, fluffy pets distinguish:

  • green;
  • blue;
  • more than 20 shades of gray.

At the same time some shades are inaccessible for their perception:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • orange.

As Cats See the World Around

The visual acuity of cats is well studied. Most accurately these animals see the objects located from 1 to 60 m , they not bad distinguish the objects which are ranging from 60 up to 800 m. However objects, approximate less, than on meter, it is difficult to favourites to consider, the objects which are literally "near by", they see indistinct. That is at direct contact with the owner the cat is guided generally by hearing and organs of touch. Features for her are indistinct.

Myths and reality

Structure of an Eye of a Cat

Most of owners of small fluffy predators noticed behind them some strangenesses: looking in an empty corner, the cat suddenly pricks up the ears, her pupils extend, wool on a back bristles, auricles are directed forward — the animal as if listens to something. The similar behavior generated the myth that cats are capable to see otherworldly entities and the phenomena. Scientists explain similar behavior with features of cat's perception.

At cats very sensitive hearing therefore even the slightest rustle, especially in the absence of a visible object, guards them. Besides, strange, from the point of view of people, the behavior can speak ability to see some light waves inaccessible to sight of the person, and to hear ultrasound

. Perception of the world of fluffy pets is significantly broader, than at the person.

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