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of the Cat Highland страйт – representatives of Scottish "dynasty" which was improved for many years. The breed with a beautiful fluffy hair has the history, and eventually is constantly improved. Today the Scottish cat – the embodiment of tenderness, softness and unprecedented beauty. There are manufacturers who consider long-haired Scots by ideals.

Long-haired Cat Highland Strayt
of the Cat Highland – representatives of Scottish "dynasty" which was improved for many years

the History of breed

At most of representatives of this breed direct ears whereas in days of old kittens with slightly curved sinks were appreciated. Gradually people began to look narrowly to Highland, and as a result beauty of kittens of this breed was appreciated, their began to part even more often.

the Lop-eared Scottish cat was popular practically always, and the first mentions of haylenda are dated the 18th century. The breed has the ancestors: these are the cats living in the mountains of Scotland. It is possible to consider that Scotland presented to the world of these charming kittens.

Predecessors promoted that the Scottish pryamoukhy long-haired cat began to have unusual coloring and so attractive hair. At the end of the 19th century people began to look narrowly at mountain cats who were directly involved in development of breed of Scots subsequently.

Formation of haylend took place in several stages. Kotozavodchiki made enormous work to receive unique breed. The Scottish cats often crossed to British cats and Persians. All of them affected pedigree characteristics of haylend. In 1961 the breed Highland-strayt was created finally: it was seen not only by Scotland, but also the whole world.

The modern representative of haylend can have very unusual coloring, for example smoky or spotty with mixture of light brown and yellowish shades. This breed is often shown at exhibitions and it is considered rare.

Long-haired Cat Highland Strayt
the Cat breed Highland has the history, her representatives differ soft appeasable характером

Котята Highland-strayt

Kittens who were only born differ in nothing from usual. Looking at a 1-month-old kitten, it is impossible to foresee to what kind of haylend it will belong. It is worth observing attentively behind development of an animal. At some cats upright ears are formed. However the lop-eared kitten who on ears will have distinctive "bends" also can occur among 20-30 individuals.

If the long-haired pet with the bent ears is necessary, it is necessary to take a kitten at the age of 3-4 months. Happens so that in the beginning at the kid the bent ears are formed, and after a while they become straight. If the kitten only was 1.5 months old, the shape of his ears can change 2 times. At some animals finally created bends of ears, as at fold are observed.

Before taking a thoroughbred kitten, it is necessary to study his family tree. It is important to decide on what ears the pet has to have: direct or bent. It is necessary to learn also about health of an animal. It is possible to demand from the manufacturer the certificate: this document will confirm pedigree accessory.


For breed Highland страйт the standards are established. The head of a cat rather large, roundish, cheeks convex – they decorate a muzzle with big eyes and a wide nose, do it to prettier. A neck at this breed short, the chin which is accurately outlined. A body at a cat roundish by nature. The animal should not be overfed, on the build it and so rather well-fed.

The breed Highland differs in the developed muscles. Men's individuals are, as a rule, larger than women's. Regardless of a floor the animal quickly moves, prefers active lifestyle.

Ears at haylend small, accurate. The majority of kittens has upright with the pointed edges. In ears it is possible to see magnificent brushes: it is one more distinctive feature.

The tail at representatives of this breed can be long or average, but surely very mobile.

Long-haired Cat Highland Strayt

The animal wags a tail tip if it is interested in something (for example, food).

Cats and cats differ in large proportional paws. Fingers at them densely adjoin to each other.

Wool – the important and main advantage of a cat. Though the breed also belongs to the category long-haired, her representatives have wool, average on length, but very dense and nice on the touch. Some animals have even a dense underfur. Advantage of breed is also that the fur coat is not formed in koltuna and it is easy to comb pets.

Coloring of wool can be various. Most often it is possible to see white, smoky blue, cream cats. Two-color and three-colored pets are incredibly beautiful. It is interesting to notice that color of eyes at cats and cats corresponds to a wool color. Male animals differ on a color. They can have black wool, white, smoky blue, chocolate.

Long-haired Cat Highland Strayt

Dimensions and life expectancy

The average weight of a cat – 5 kg, the weight of the fattened individuals can reach 6.5 kg. Approximate growth of an animal – 29 cm

Weight animal male – 6-7 kg, the maximum weight – 9 kg. Average growth of an adult cat – 30 cm, maximum – 32 cm

Cats live not so long, on average 16 years, and cats – 15 years. But if the animal has good health, it will be able to live also all 20.

Character and behavior

These animals differ in mild temper, however it is not necessary to test their nerves. Each pet of breed Highland has the individual traits of character distinguishing it from others.

Cats get on with adults and children. But if the child lives in the house 5 years are younger, it is worth refusing Highland. The kid owing to the activity can involve an animal in a game and in process to injure it. Highland perfectly gets on with quiet people. The animal accurately adapts to the atmosphere in the house.

If members of household well get on with each other, taking care and support, the pet will quietly behave. He literally will absorb pleasant power.

Cats Highland are good-natured, sociable. They love the owners, but are not imposed of Scots differ in the endurance. That cats well felt, they need to be ironed, in due time to feed.

The Scottish long-haired cat never was aggressive, but it is worth remembering that any cat is vindictive. If at least once to offend the pet, he will nurse a grievance and will show not the best qualities. Pets bite, tear things if the owner treats them with disrespect. In education of any kitten (long-haired or short-haired) it is necessary to show endurance and, of course, mercy.

Long-haired Cat Highland Strayt

Care of the pet

Representatives of this breed have good health. But most of manufacturers emphasizes that haylenda are gentle creations. Cats and cats do not demand particularly complex leaving. It is necessary to carry out in due time vaccination, to process wool antiparasitic means (with the permission of the veterinarian), to carry out prevention of worms, ticks, fleas.

At suspicion of any disease it is necessary to show a cat to the veterinarian. The pet has to eat fully. If the deficiency of minerals develops, the animal gets sick with rickets. The cat has to consume quality food. The diet has to include products with calcium.

Care of long-haired cats is simple. It is enough to get a mini-brush and to comb wool several times a day. When the animal gets rid of wool unnecessary it, skin begins to breathe better, thus blood circulation improves. Advantage of long-haired Scots is in that, they fade not plentifully, and some of them do not fade absolutely. In the period of a molt it is possible to use a brush slicker brush: it will allow to get rid of bigger amount of the died-off wool.

The cat cannot be bathed often: there is enough 4 times a year. In the course of bathing the specialized shampoos softening wool are used.

It is important to remember that a pet – very fragile, sensitive creation. If to apply usual shampoo to washing, there can be an allergy of which to get rid will be difficult.

the Interesting facts about cats (video)


It is important to consider that health of an animal depends on food. Food, habitual for people, can cause diarrhea in a long-haired cat. It is possible to give a forage for thoroughbred cats or natural meat in a boiled look. If the manufacturer does not wish to feed an animal with a dry feed, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian concerning what products to include in a diet.

Any cat requires to himself attention. If to leave the favourite alone for about 5-6 days, he will fuss, be nervous. Therefore if the owner gathers in a business trip or for rest, it is necessary to ask acquaintances to look after a cat. It is important to watch not only behind physical, but also over mental health of an animal!

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