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our nursery still young, was officially registered in Germany in 2014. Now we 5 adults have cats who participate in exhibitions and give birth to kittens, and one teenage cat who when he was not 10 more months old, received good marks at the World Fair of cats. Also at the World Fair our dung became the best, and we are proud of our children.
Maine Coon at an Exhibition

How long you take care of Maine Coons?

is About 3 years old.
Though the first time of a Maine Coon we with the husband saw
at the Minsk exhibition 10 years ago. It was the adult huge cat, and he struck us. The husband told at once: "I want!" But, unfortunately, an opportunity then was not. And here in 10 years, after the birth of the third daughter, we fulfilled a dream.

Why Maine Coons?

before we had no thoroughbred cats at all somehow to compare. There were dogs and ordinary domestic cats. But even information which we found about Maine Coons strongly interested us.
Yes, they huge, but at the same time droplets not aggressive, get on with children, very sociable. Even there were articles that owners successfully train them to bring slippers, balls, etc.
When we took
the first a kitten, a kitty, she was 4.5 months old. It was very active, it is even possible to tell, hyperactive, and our children were delighted, running with it on the apartment.
Besides, at Maine Coons other structure of wool – other than other breeds therefore there is almost no wool in the house. If the cat receives healthy nutrition, vitamins and all the rest, it does not fade. Yes, it is necessary to wash and comb a Maine Coon, but wool scraps on the apartment do not roll.
of Observation of the manufacturer: We live in the two-room apartment with three children. And at the same time animals perfectly feel. We have a high complex for cats, still they made habitable window sills, the refrigerator and kitchen lockers. And Maine Coons, having given forepaws and the head, watch from height what occurs in the house.
Maine Coons adore washing and are not afraid of the hair dryer and the vacuum cleaner (if, of course, to accustom since the childhood).
These cats very tender. Our younger daughter is three years old, and she nearly in knot ties a cat's tail – to a Maine Coon it only in joy.
Maine Coons extraordinary devoted also study as a dog.
Maine Coons very clean. Never was that they descended in a toilet by a tray.
Maine Coon

As far as Maine Coons active?

Maine Coons – late developing breed. They physically grow up to 3 years, but even after that remain children. Our cat is nearly 4 years old, but still for her to run about behind a ball or a shnurochok – great pleasure. Sometimes it seems to me that if to them to build a wheel as for squirrels, they will run in it for days on end.
of Observation of the manufacturer: In the summer they live at us in the country. There is a huge fenced site, and cats quietly there walk. Certainly, they are processed from parasites. Our Maine Coons do not leave anywhere, but there are no birdies on our site. Cats adore chasing birds, butterflies. And birds are quick to grasp. I know Maine Coons who drag rabbits. My cats dig out moles.

How to fence the site that cats did not go "to absence without leave"?

U us a professional flooring 2.5 meters high, that is to be hooked there is nothing. And there are no trees near a fence.
Underminings they do not do
though read that such cases happen. Probably, we were strongly lucky.
If we are engaged in
in some repair work (both at the dacha, and in the apartment) – that with caution that we have cats that there were no troubles for them.

Such activity in combination with large the sizes of Maine Coons do not pour out in a shkodlivost?

I consider
Ya that each owner who wants to get a Maine Coon has to understand that from a little kitten (though you will not call kittens weighing 3.5 kg in 4 months little) the playful cat will grow. And to place priorities.
For me a priority – cats in the house. They as children! Therefore glass and crystal objects go away to places, inaccessible for cats. There are no fresh flowers at our place because cats like to gnaw them, and many plants for them are poisonous.
As for safety of wall-paper, kittens from early age are accustomed to kogtetochka. To attract them, it is possible to buy spray with mint.
Of course, a carcass weighing 10 kilograms if runs up or will jump on you at night, can frighten. But it is necessary to remember that it is your favourite who will kiss you and will run further.
Maine Coon

As far as Maine Coons are intellectual?

At Maine Coons very developed intelligence. For example, they perfectly feel mood of owners and if you are busy, will never be imposed. But at the same time will remain near you, and, having seen that you were released, will come to communicate.

As far as Maine Coons are talkative?

From five of our adult cats only one talks to us. I come home, and it a myavkanye tells how there passed it day. It knows, what is her name, responds to the name, and once I say "Squirrel", she, in whatever room was, at once responds: "Myav!" I very much like to stir with it.
Usually cats shout if they want to eat. Maine Coons so do not do. They will rub about legs, but being silent.

As you feed Maine Coons?

the Dry feed costs at them constantly. And we give beef or an offal 2 times a day, on hours. At the same time they have, probably, built-in alarm clocks because in food questions they are very punctual.
If does not suit a Maine Coon food, it is reflected in wool. It begins to koltunitsya, icicles appear.
Meat is obligatory as I am convinced that meatless the beautiful, large Maine Coon will not grow.
From experience: As for vitamins, in our nursery vitamins are received only by the pregnant and feeding cats. Children and teenagers do not receive vitamins before delivery of the analysis on biochemistry. 2 times a year all our cats take a blood test on biochemistry and if indicators slightly deviate norm, the veterinarian advises what to change in a diet or what vitamins to give.

To joint stock company Maine Coons transfer loneliness? Whether the person at whom the cat will be the only pet can get a Maine Coon, but at the same time the owner works for days on end?

Well transfer. The cat will eat, will admire in a window birdies, will climb on a complex and, having convinced that there is no house anybody, will go to bed. But when the owner will come back home, will at once come to be ironed, butt and require attention to himself.
All of us work with
, both dogs, and cats stay at home some. Responsibility of the owner – to provide to a cat not only food, but also communication when you houses. Drive a ball or play with a laser pointer – Maine Coons adore it.

you mentioned that the hunting instinct at Maine Coons is very strong. That is in the house where there are small animals or birds, it is better not to get a Maine Coon?

I do not know
concerning birds, but our graduates live with a polecat, with dogs (including decorative breeds which by the size less kitten of a Maine Coon).
Were cases when brought a kitten, and the dog did not accept him. But there passes less than a week – and they are bosom friends, even sleep and eat together.

As your old residents reacted to appearance of new cats?

U us in family is got that the owner one. The head of a pride is I. There were different situations because we bring not only little kittens.
Is talked, we explain that aggressors are not right. Sometimes it is necessary to talk a little bit more persistently. 1 – 2 weeks of adaptation, and everything is good.

That at Maine Coons with health?

Maine Coons are big, heavy cats, and on genetics the first problem is heart, and the second – поликистоз kidneys. All producers are tested in St. Petersburg, and all our animals "clean".
Recommendation of the manufacturer: At least once a year we do to our cats (and we advise all owners of our kittens) to do ultrasonography of heart.
But in general, Maine Coons are rather healthy cats. And than more cold, for them it is better for those. Our cats even periodically walk in the winter on a balcony, it very well influences wool.
they too not too suffer From a heat. When temperature rises more than +30 degrees, they look for places more cool and move, generally early in the morning and late at night.

it is heavy to look after a Maine Coon?

Ya would not tell what is heavy.
U us exhibition cats therefore we buy for them professional cosmetics. Usual shampoo of a Maine Coon you will not wash up, the washing at us passes in 4 stages. We dry cats the hair dryer.
Happens, the Maine Coon will accidentally plunge into a bathtub – we take a towel and we dry.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: And so, in principle, 2 times a week that koltuna were not formed are enough to comb of them. But even if it was formed колтун, he easily understands or combs hair a hairbrush with direct teeths. It is previously possible to sprinkle колтун the special moisturizing oil with vitamin E.
Red Maine Coon

there Are people to whom you would not sell a kitten?

Sometimes I refuse to sell
Unfortunately, often people think what can be bought a Maine Coon – beautiful, expensive cat – and to brag of her. But at the same time do not want to listen that the second floor is even dangerous to a Maine Coon if this cat falls – it will break. And the anti-mosquito grid does not guarantee safety. At the same time in Belarus there are no firms which I can establish reliable grids on windows.
do not understand that the leather sofa is not compatible to a cat (or the sofa should be offered).
do not understand that it is impossible to feed the pet with a cheap low-quality forage.
do not understand that the plastic windows opened on the airing mode are deadly to a cat.
Some ask
whether I know the veterinarian who completely will remove to a kitten claws or will cut sheaves that he did not mew. We at once speak to such people "no".

What owner is necessary to a Maine Coon?

the Maine Coon will suit any owner, even to the child or the elderly person.
C them can even travel – our Maine Coons perfectly go with us in the car and perfectly adapt in new places.

How much is Maine Coon kitten?

the Price of a kitten of a Maine Coon depends on the acquisition purpose. There are pets and there are kittens for cultivation. The best kittens are given to cultivation, they pass an aktirovka. The commission of club estimates kittens and "pronounces a sentence".
the Kitten "on a sofa" costs 600 – 650 dollars (boy) or 350 – 500 dollars (girl). Before giving such kitten, we will sterilize him.
If people want to be engaged in cultivation, it is necessary to take the corresponding kitten.
Now, according to the rules WCF to register nursery and to have the right to sell kittens from a family tree, it is necessary to end courses of the felinologist and to pass examination.

A photo of cats of breed a Maine Coon from personal archive of Svetlana Krimachik

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