• Jan 14, 2020

Aelurophiles are absolutely special category of people. Usually touching feelings to the vainglorious, mewing, gluttonous creations are felt by women. But there are also exceptions. So I, the man on top form of forces, not without pride can call myself the aelurophile. With mine a tomcat of Timohui we live in peace though any funny stories quite often happen. But now I want to tell you a story about one patient cat.

Grey Cat in Green Carrying

Once I went by the bus on the affairs, thought of work and other current tasks. From measured thoughts I was involuntarily distracted by the woman of years of fifty sitting opposite. More precisely, her cat – huge British who hardly found room in the standard sizes to plastic carrying. This cat was even larger than my woolen fatty Timokhi!

Why call cats the most cruel murderers

I think, other aelurophiles will agree with me: any road interfaced to "imprisonment" in carrying is a stress practically for all animals. And here also the discrepancy of dimensions – obviously to a cat was inconvenient. Nevertheless he sat absolutely quietly and did not give absolutely any signs of displeasure! Even with gusto hummed something in a low tone.

To tell that I was surprised, not to tell anything. I looked-looked at this idyllic picture and, without having sustained, decided to enter dialogue with the hostess. To admit honestly, bad guesses – you never know already began to visit me that happens to a cat. Though the patient he did not look. "Did you than hocus an unfortunate animal? – I got, trying to give to the voice irony not to offend the hostess. – Why he is not nervous? Mine would start to yell on all bus for a long time!"

Opinion of researchers: as far as cats like to spend time with people

My curiosity, obviously, confused the woman. She awkwardly smiled and told me very intimate history. It turned out that any soothing the cat was not pumped up. Just once he already traveled in the same way: in rather small carrying, in the bus. Then a tomcat went to the bride – clear for what. The love passion so captured the fluffy hero that he was ready and to maintain quietly and courageously now all burdens of the road, anticipating an appointment with languid Murkaya! "It is visible, the reflex was fixed", – the hostess summarized.

I with all the heart burst out laughing and winked at a March cat: "Well, you will earn a reward for torments soon". However, as it became clear from the subsequent conversation, to the lover having a tail the disappointment was prepared. At the end of the way it was expected not by a so charming kitty, but huge Aybolit in a white dressing gown. The benefit, carried a cat on planned vaccination, but not on that procedure after which his men's advantage strongly would suffer.

the richest fluffy successors: as cats got the house for 122 thousand euros

We said goodbye to the woman when we announced my stop. And I until the end of day had a good mood, thanks to this amusing meeting.

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