• Jul 22, 2019
long-haired cats delivered

To Europe from Asia in the 16th century. Such animals were considered noble blood, sign of a stata and wealth. Today, if to judge by all international associations and federations, the number of officially recognized types varies from 100 to 110.

The Description of the Best Cat Breeds with the Most Fluffy and Dense Wool

of Breeds exists much.

The best cat breeds with the most fluffy and dense wool which enjoy popularity:

The Most Fluffy Cat Breeds

American Bobtail

Persian Cat

  • British long-haired . Has a red color, quiet character. This breed promoted removal of new types of the cat family.
  • Chantilly's . The first mentions of it appeared in the USA. At an animal a color of color of chocolate, a harmonious and flexible constitution. Chantilly is very similar to burmansky, sometimes they are even confused.
  • Himalaya . Appearance reminds the Persian. Actually it is mix of a Siamese and Persian version. It has blue eyes, a flat muzzle, a fluffy tail. On character animals are emotional, but are obedient.
  • American bobtail . The pet has peculiar shades of wool: blue, lilac, cream. A cat very bright, I.Q. at it high. The character is quiet, always tender with people.
  • Maine Coon . Is one of the largest. Weight reaches 12 kg. On tips of ears of a brush, as at a lynx.
  • Persian . The most widespread. Wool in length reaches up to 20 cm therefore it is the most fluffy in the world. It has a tender, sociable character.
  • Laperm . The most curly cat that is her distinctive feature. The various color — starting with white is characteristic and finishing black. Cream, chocolate and red colors are especially highlighted.
  • Siberian . This fluffy animal never does nothing. On character the pet restless, very curious. The most various colors of wool are inherent.
  • Exotic . At this breed big eyes and a little flat nose.

Is the most popular cat breeds with long wool. However there are also many other types. And it is unimportant what pet will become a pet. The main thing — the correct care of an animal and attention of the owner.

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