• Feb 10, 2019

of the Cat live near people throughout the millennia. They tender and kind therefore still remain popular pets. Different breeds were during this time removed. Some of them are received during artificial selection, others — naturally. Today it is possible to find an animal of a certain exterior and character. The review of the most popular cat breeds in Russia will help to make a choice.

The Most Popular Cat Breeds in Russia

Beautiful appearance

Scottish lop-eared (Scottish Fold) draws attention with an original shape of auricles — tips are deflexed and forward. This consequence of a genetic mutation which was fixed by selectors. of Feature of breed:

  • steadiness;
  • playfulness;
  • high intelligence.

does Gentle disposition and lack of aggression these cats by desired pets in families with children. At Scottish lop-eared a gravelly voice, they are capable to dance attendance and sit long in the-shaped pose with an equal back.

Not less popular British breed has success because of unusual colors:

  • lilac;
  • chocolate;
  • blue.

are the real aristocrats among cats. They are proud, reserved and quiet. Are capable to enrage nothing them. Easily transfer loneliness and do not need constant presence of the owner.

The Russian blue received the name for a characteristic color with a silvery outflow. The character is loveful, cats differ in a poslushnost and in high intelligence . Can sometimes be stubborn, but in general are orderly. There is a belief that the kitten of this breed brings good luck and wealth.

Unusual breeds

Beautiful Appearance

Nonhairy cats look very exotically. The Canadian sphinxes are known not only because of bald integuments. They are the vigorous, playful and graceful beings devoted to owners. Like to accept unusual poses and to long consider objects.

The St. Petersburg sphinxes are covered with a small down. Harmonious, with the extended head and sharp ears of a cat quickly won popularity. Tender, curious, easily give in to training.

At Devon-reksa the body is covered with short curly wool. They have large ears that gives them an exotic look. Are capable to carry out the most difficult tricks, like to sit on hands and are very sociable. Are hypoallergenic, and it does them especially attractive.

Unusual Breeds

Maine Coons giants of the look. Their weight reaches 15 kg, and body length — 123 cm. Despite menacing look, differ in tenderness and tendency to pranks. Like to play with the owner, loudly mew and need communication.

Distinctive feature of kerl — the bent tips of ears. They are born with a normal form of auricles, deformation happens a bit later. Friendly and playful creations, inquisitive and contact. Easily adapt to a new situation and very much love owners.

the Persian breed concerns the most fluffy. These are aristocratical cats with elegant manners. Love when they are combed and wash, take on hands. Badly transfer loneliness, are choosy to feeding.

When choosing a pet it is necessary to consider not only appearance, but also features of keeping of an animal.

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