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how to choose popular nicknames for cats of boys. To get houses of a cat – not a problem. Difficulties at owners of an animal arise at the time of the choice of a nickname. It would seem that it is simpler, than to choose a nickname for a kitten? There is a wish that the animal had an original, unique name which completely would suit it.

The Most Popular Nicknames for Cats
Many people are interested how to choose popular nicknames for cats мальчиков

Советы at the choice of a nickname

It is necessary to select names for cats boys, applying special approach. Should consider the following factors:

  1. The nickname needs to be said smoothly therefore the name has to be simple.
  2. The kitten often helps the owners to decide on the choice. It is necessary to observe only a few days the pet.
  3. It is possible to consider breed, for example, for lop-eared it is necessary to select something special and original. Especially as they have a family tree which always influences the choice of a name.
  4. For the animals having a solid family tree, names are recommended to be chosen as solid and respectable. Manufacturers often try to call a cat on a certain letter or in honor of some cat's ancestor.
  5. To look at appearance of kittens and to pick up cool nicknames.
  6. Perfectly also time of the birth of the pet approaches. Those cats who were born in the winter it is necessary to call by softer and warm names, and, on the contrary, it is necessary to call summer and spring newborn kittens by strict nicknames.
The Most Popular Nicknames for Cats
the Nickname has to be pleasant not only to the owner, but also to be easily memorable for house

If it is planned to go with cats to exhibitions and to enter club for cats, then it is worth learning what requirements exist in such places. Often the staff of clubs chooses a name which can be long for the pet and consist of several words. Therefore it is necessary to reduce it that the animal easily responded.

For ordinary rural animals it is also possible to look through popular nicknames for cats though simple and clear nicknames are widespread in such places. For example, in villages and small settlements of a kitten it is accepted to call by the name of locations. Nicknames are considered as widespread: Black, Grey, Vaska, Saffron milk cap.

The nickname has to be pleasant not only to the owner, but also to be easily memorable for house including that also the small child could remember its. the Nickname the pet has to accept , therefore having called a kitten, it is necessary to try it to call. If he responds, so the cat accepted a nickname. You should not subtilize too: among the existing names it is necessary to choose original, simple, consisting at most of 2 words. But it is better to choose a nickname from 1 word, it will be so easier for both a cat, and members of household to call him.

The Most Popular Nicknames for Cats

The fact that cats perceive sounds in the range up to 65 thousand Hz therefore
is important the most popular nicknames have to sound pleasantly, causing positive reaction of a cat. Veterinarians also focus attention that nicknames have to include the following sounds – C, With, Z. Schitayetsya that cats and cats very positively perceive these sounds and their combinations. It is connected with the fact that in the nature rodents make such letters and sounds. Therefore animals positively react to pussycats pussycats.

Interesting nicknames contain letters P and M, which sounds are made most often by a cat or a cat. So pets show arrangement and mood. If nicknames contain such letters as Shch, Zh, Sh, then animals will strain, worry and to get used long to it. The cat will get used over time, but will feel uncomfortablly all the time when he hears his name.

It is worth calling nicknames for black cats or animals of other color habitual options – Murzik, Kuzka, Vasily, Timofey. Though the names suitable for breeds of domestic or lop-eared cats enjoy popularity: Elton, Hub, Cash, Rice, Balthasar, Boone, Jackson.

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For thoroughbred pets

Popular names for pets can be chosen, making a start from breed. In particular, for cats whose ancestors arrived from the USA, nicknames in cowboy's style approach. For cats as Abyssinian, the Thai or Siamese breed it is better for a href="/upload/temp-content/cats/sokrovishhe-tailanda-tayskaya-poroda-koshek" of title="Thai breed" class="binet-perelink" to choose the exotic names capable to emphasize origin of an animal, his unusual roots. The British perfectly suit aristocratic names.
Beautiful names for cats taking into account breed can sound so:

  • Kassem;
  • John;
  • Bean;
  • Prince;
  • Count;
  • Jackson.

For Slavic breeds the same nicknames, and are suitable for aristocratic breeds better – names of princes and kings, outstanding persons.

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Among the known nicknames which are capable to emphasize a family tree It should be noted:

  • Archie;
  • Benjamin;
  • Lakki;
  • Homer;
  • Tom;
  • Barry;
  • Jean.

In clubs where kittens from a long family tree consist, it is accepted to call kids of a cat on an identical letter. Professional manufacturers have a list of nicknames which are appropriated to kids.

An important role is played also by character of a cat, his appearance and habits in the first days of life. The black cat is usually named Vasily, Timofey, is more rare the Down. Such choice is made, proceeding from the fact that cats can have quick and restless character, thirst for adventures and small wrecking. Therefore you should not call a cat whose breed is unknown Homer or Wilhelm. It is possible to define temper in the first days of life. Quick it is visible at once, as well as quiet, mild creations.

The Most Popular Nicknames for Cats

"Color" nicknames

Quite often cats are called, proceeding from their color. In particular, red kittens always positive, charismatic, amusing and pugnacious. Therefore it is possible to call a kitten by the Peach, Medk, the Chestnut, Cake, Rusty or just the Saffron milk cap. Black color of wool Othello, Versace, Chernysh, Balthasar, Black, the Piece of coal, Twilight allows to call a pet. Such names will only emphasize independence of black cats, their independence, mysticism, grace. It is interesting that the majority of domestic cats have black color. It is considered that they bring good luck, they should not be bathed often. For snow-white handsome often choose the names Snowball, Rice, Artik, Casper. Nicknames Gray, the Smoke or Ashes perfectly are suitable for blue breeds.

Some manufacturers call cats, proceeding from own preferences, hobbies and a hobby. Therefore having a tail receive names of the famous musicians or artists. Nicknames Mozart, Beethoven, Presley, Picasso, Dali enjoy popularity. Other people think out a nickname, leaning on dates or holidays. Therefore in the cat's world cats with names Valentin, Halle appear. Often preference is given to nicknames of animation characters: Matroskina, Simby, Toma.

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Lop-eared cats who have jealous character, are very attached to the owner, but differ in sharp temper and character. They can give strong and beautiful names – the Swarm, Ache, Dau, Bao, Ruslan, Samson, Lazurite.

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