• May 14, 2019

Most of owners of cats wants that their fluffy pet until the end of life remained a lovely playful kitten. And thanks to laborious selection work of felinologists this dream became a reality. In the world there was a set of dwarfish kinds of the huge cat family, some are even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Tiny Domestic Cats

3 popular breeds of tiny cats to which aelurophiles give the greatest preference:

The Scythian — Melt — Don, Features of Breed

The Most Tiny Cats

  • the Scythian - melt - Don . This is the least blue-eyed cat in the world. The adult individual weighs only 1−1.5 kg that corresponds to the weight of an ordinary three-months kitten. Appearance of a pussycat are similar to Siamese, and character — to dogs. They perfectly give in to training, are active, but will not refuse to pomurchat on a lap the hostess by whom are immensely betrayed. Animals treat children and other pets kindly, love long walks on a lead. The breed is registered in TICA in 2009 and it is considered experimental.
  • Kinkalou's . Dwarfish kitties with the bent ears were brought in 1997 as a result of crossing of a manchkin and an American curl. The baby from 1.5 to 2.5 kg weighs. But despite diminutiveness, representatives to a kinkalo are fearless and very inquisitive. Like to run about and play even at respectable age. Need long walks, easily get used to a lead. Many even confuse a kinkaloa with a dog. The breed is registered in TICA in 1997, and in 2008 received the status of experimental.
  • of Singapore — one of the smallest short-haired breeds (an adult kitty weighs up to 3 kg) removed in Central Asia. Animals are so betrayed to owners that it resembles dependence. Excellent partners in the children's company and also perfectly get on also with other residents of the house. Have high intelligence, are absolutely nonaggressive and silent. Walks from singapury are not recommended as because of the trustfulness the cat can get into an unpleasant situation (other cats and dogs can steal or offend her). Today the Singapore cat is considered rare breed and has no wide popularity.

of All on the planet is several tens of tiny cat's breeds (минскин, манчкин, Napoleon, балинез, скукум, ламбкин, etc.). All of them are owners of small dimensions and small weight, but it does not prevent them to lead full-fledged life, and, above all — even newborn kittens have individual изюминку.

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