• Jan 27, 2019

throughout many centuries moustached fans of mice are partners and assistants to people and also pets, unsurpassed in popularity. Some most surprising cat breeds on the planet appeared thanks to natural selection, others were brought by selectors. Many of these pets strike with unusual characteristics.

The Most Surprising Cat Breeds on the Planet

Majestic Maine Coon

The name of breed is translated from English as "an enotovy cat", but the legend that Maine Coons are result of crossing of cats with raccoons or lynxes, is deprived of the bases. According to genetics, they occur from the Norwegian forest cats delivered by seafarers. Perhaps also addition of other breeds which got on the territory of the USA from Europe and the Middle East.

The breed was created without participation of the person in severe climatic conditions of the State of Maine and was for the first time presented at a local fair at the end of the 1860th. In 1895 the Maine Coon became the best at the first North American exhibition of cats which took place in New York. Tabb by nickname Cosey was a winner brown.

After deafening triumph the breed disappeared from rings, having yielded the palm to the Persians who were promptly gaining popularity and angoras. Maine Coons gained official recognition only in 1976, and in 1985 were announced by a symbol of the State of Maine. These amazingly beautiful, self-sufficient and majestic cats can brag:

The Most Rare Cat Breeds

  • expressive brushes on ears;
  • entry in the Guinness Book of Records that they are the largest cats in the world (some weigh up to 15 kg and reach in length of 1.5 m);
  • unusually gentle voice;
  • improbable sociability: with pleasure "stir" with owners, other animals and even birds outside the window;
  • the fact that the last several years are the most popular breed in Russia.

Mysterious sphinx

The appearance of a sphinx can seem contradictory, it is difficult to present a cat without wool. However all fall under charm of this bald, but charming animal soon. It submits unexpected warmth, sense of humour and exotic appearance.

Maine Coon Cat

The breed is result of a spontaneous natural mutation which quite often meets in the world of cats. For the first time the bald cat was documentary recorded about 100 years ago, but, perhaps, throughout all history of such unique persons there was much. The first modern sphinx was picked up on the street of the American city in 1966. 10 more years left on formation of steady breed. Soon separate lines appeared in Russia:

Rare Cat Breeds

  1. Winter of 1986 at Tolstoy Square not indifferent woman found in Rostov-on-Don and took home absolutely little kitty who suffered from wool loss. Four years later kittens, one of whom was absolutely deprived of wool, were born. After long-term breeding work in 1996 the new Russian breed — the Don sphinx was registered.
  2. The Peterbald or the St. Petersburg sphinx appeared as a result of crossing of the Rostov fellow with an oriental cat. The lack of wool at these animals is combined with inimitable east oblongness of a body and grace.

The main unique quality of sphinxes — bald, hot and very nice on the touch skin. There is a delusion that if there is no wool, then and it is not necessary to bathe such animals. It's not true as sphinxes demand more careful care of skin: it the same as usual, excretes fat and forms the died-off scales.

Amusing манчкин

Breed of a Cat Meynkun

Manchkin is not a hybrid of a cat with a dachshund , and the accidental gene mutation fixed in posterity. Animals, small by the sizes, have short pads because of what is 2 — 3 times lower than ordinary representatives cat's. Even adult individuals some awkwardness remind kittens.

When in 1994 the offer to recognize manchkin officially arrived, many representatives of the public were terrified by their physical data, and some judges called breed "insult of any manufacturer familiar with ethics". Still American association of fans of cats (ACFA) does not recognize breed.

Business is complicated by the fact that maintenance of distinctive sign requires competent selection. Autosomno-dominantny the gene doing paws of cats by short has to be inherited only from one parent, otherwise the posterity will be impractical. In all the rest it is rather healthy breed without deformations in joints and a backbone.

Short pads do not prevent manchkina to run quickly, but complicate jumps on high surfaces a little. The most amusing feature it is possible to call what if desired to glance above or the cat sits down to consider something on hinder legs with a support on a tail, and at the same time ridiculously puts front extremities or extends along a body. In such situation манчкин there can be long time.

Japanese bobtail

Features of Breed of Bobtails

One of the oldest native breeds appeared on the islands of Japan. From ancient written sources it is known that cats arrived to this territory approximately in the middle of the first millennium of our era together with Buddhist monks for protection of temple rolls from rice paper from rats and mice. Official recognition of breed took place in 1976

Bobtails are distinguished by collectivism, unusual to cats — they with pleasure help owners to read the book, to print on the computer, to do the cleaning and to watch TV. This breed perfectly adapts to life in the company of dogs and quietly postpones travel. belong To unique signs:

  • the extended hinder legs that gives to animals strong and brawny appearance;
  • brushes on ears;
  • a short tail which shape is individual for each cat.

The Most Unusual Cat Breeds

All this and also the ability to jump high and love to movements on the top tier gives to breed some similarity to a lynx. The Japanese bobtail — graceful and the elegant owner of silky short or long wool of any colors .

In the world there are many unusual and simple cat breeds. When choosing pets it is important to remember that all of them, irrespective of appearance, are capable to please, surprise and give heat.

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