• Mar 6, 2019

a problem of emergence in the pet of fleas. These little bloodsuckers give an inconvenience to animals. If they appeared, they cannot be disregarded. Fight against parasites has to be conducted in due form. It is impossible to rely on councils of nonprofessionals. Not all of them are effective, and it is possible to be convinced of it, having considered 6 widespread myths about cat's fleas.

6 widespread myths about cat's fleas

If in detail to study a problem of appearance of blood-sicking insects in a cat, it is possible to face myths about it. For example, there are statements:

It Is Possible to Catch on the Street Fleas

Carpet Paths Serve as the Shelter for Fleas

  • can save garlic From fleas . Actually this fact does not have confirmations. Besides for a cat this product is unsafe as if it is often, then it kills red blood cells and promotes appearance of anemia. It is better to visit to a vetklinik that the doctor prescribed safe medicines.
  • it is possible to Catch on the street, excepting winter . If the pet seldom is on the street, it does not mean that the risk of appearance of fleas is small. To bring them on the footwear or clothes owners can. If to say about winter, then a statement that insects hide in deep minks to heat, in many respects truly. However there is no house subzero temperatures, and the probability that they will get through cracks, is big. Therefore it is necessary to carry out prevention constantly.
  • Sterility of the room will help to be saved from blood-sicking insects . Purity — business good, but even it is not a guarantee of protection against fleas. In fact it is difficult to get rid of such insects. They too quickly breed and get used to the used chemicals. Only complex treatment of pets and reusable processing of places of their dwelling can yield positive result.
  • Carpet paths serve as the shelter for fleas . Parasites can lay eggs not only in a fleecy surface. The laying happens on bed linen, clothes and even between plinths.
  • Disappearance of fleas at a cat removes a problem . Such conclusions can become premature if adult individuals died. In several days from eggs children will hatch and it is necessary to begin treatment anew. It is impossible to find all layings. To be sure that all individuals are destroyed it is necessary to use the medicines of a wide range influencing larvae and eggs. After several processings it is possible to destroy parasites. In certain cases it is necessary to cause disinsectors to disinfect not only the room, but also all site.

the Cat does not scratch, so there are no parasites also. It, unfortunately, is incorrect.

The Cat Does Not Scratch, So There Are No Parasites Also.

Sometimes insects cause skin diseases. Anyway prevention will not prevent.

At emergence in the pet of parasites is better to address to veterinary clinic at once and to find out problem scales.

Only the veterinarian can advise effective medicine and check the treatment course.

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