• Oct 23, 2019

of the Cat, as well as people, have unique temper. To them individual approach is necessary. Allocate 5 main types of character which can be inherent in this animals.

of Koshki-Lyudi

They, as a rule, are always ready to divide everything with the owner: house, personal space and even life. Such character – result of communication with the person since the early childhood. These cats have characteristics: to gently "butt" the owner the head, to lie at him on a lap, "to kogtit" small fluffy pads.

Favourites try to show the love and attention all the time, to show participation. They very sociable can also easily find a common language with anyone. An ideal environment for cats people – big and active family where with one it is possible to play, and with another – to luxuriate, be rubbed by noses, to snuggle up on a lap. These animals are very friendly. For them there is nothing more valuably and more important than human attention: the its is more, the better. So they feel more happily, more quietly and more harmoniously.

The breeds often having similar character – Burmese, Himalaya, Persian, oriental, Somali, Manx, a sphinx, short-haired экзот, carat, a ragdoll, a burma, пиксибоб and a toyger.

of the Cat Cat

Unlike cats people, cats cats communicated generally with other representatives of the family. They do not perceive relatives as threat, since early years got used to live, play and communicate with them. Characteristic signs – readiness to play and to interact in every possible way with other murlyka, to be stuck with noses, to lick each other. Best of all they feel in the cat's company.

These pets will suit those who spend the most part of time outdoors. Indispensable condition: kitties has to be not less than two. Then, provided to themselves, they will cheerfully spend time even in the absence of owners. They have also some similarities to cats people: the loneliness is also very strictly contraindicated to them.

Most often refer the following breeds to this type: British long-haired, Singapore, Scottish lop-eared, Ceylon, Mekong bobtail, chartreuse, Selkirk Rex, manchkin and Havana.

of Koshki-Okhotniki

For these animals hunting turns into sense of all life. They are able to track down very well the victim, to creep and attack it. It is absolutely simple to distinguish a cat hunter on her relation to soft toys. Often the pet clamps her in teeth, beginning яро "to beat" her hinder legs.

The best area of such cats – the private house. On freedom of a murlyk will be able to find completely itself, infinitely exploring vicinities, tracking down production and hunting. Besides, there is no risk to drop out of a window of the multi-storey building or to get under the car wheels.

Most often this character meets at the following breeds: Bengalese, tonkinsky, Maine Coon, Kuril bobtail, Norwegian forest, kornish-reksa, kimrika, Turkish angora, European short-haired, snou-sha and Turkish Van.

of Koshki-Odinochki

They do not love the noisy companies, whether it be people or cats. Murlyki can aggressively behave: to hiss, rush, to be scratched and growl. The best decision for them – to hide in a secluded corner and to sit until strangers leave the room/territory (it is desirable remaining unnoticed). It is necessary to behave with loner cats carefully. More correctly once again will not disturb them, not to admit children or other pets. Consequences can be unpredictable.

There are no concrete cat breeds which it would be safely possible to carry to this type. The character of the single can get to anyone, but there is it not so often.

of Koshki-Issledovateli

These animals are very curious. They are the tireless adventurers ready to sniff at everything that occurs them in the path. Their character can be result of heredity or a habit since the childhood to interact with objects, smells and sounds. The ideal habitat of such cats – the house where guests, or even office often come. Such cat will not pass by herself anybody.

Among cats researchers such breeds were most often noted: Abyssinian, balineziysky, Thai, Brazilian, Egyptian Mau, an American curl, Devon-reks, otsikt also chauz.

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