• Dec 12, 2018

, cats all the same do not realize value of New Year's holidays. However it does not mean at all that they do not feel the festive atmosphere – it simply is necessary to feel it. You can present to the pet even more joyful and happy moments if you present him as a gift something pleasant. So, than it is possible to please your kitty?


Cats will see off big often day, comfortably having settled down somewhere and with pleasure snuffling, causing your envy. Why not to please the favourite with the new cozy place for a dream? Especially if your cat too active, and sometimes you and want to lull him.

of the Toy

Toy mice and balls, rods and other amusing objects will bring a pleasant variety both life of your cat, and in yours – unless it is possible to long, looking at how your pet to have fun?

New kogtetochka

Favourite all cat's the accessory very quickly becomes useless this, and cats lose to it interest – and they can be understood. The new kogtetochka will please also a cat, and you – especially if the pet uses not for designated purpose other objects in your house. Especially those which are issued by additional decorative accessories will be pleasant.

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