• Jan 13, 2020
Suzy appeared at us already adult, and we yet not so long live together, but some conclusions about the one who such oriental cats, already managed to make .
Oriental Cat of a Photo Oriental cat of Suzy

Why oriental cat?

We read
that cats of oriental breed on character are very similar to dogs. It is the only breed which is brought closer on behavior to dogs. Also they get used not only to the habitat, but also to owners. My husband calls Suzy "котопес".
Of course when we took it, worried that it is already adult. At first she really very much worried, but it quickly passed (in about two days). She quickly adapted in the new house and in the first night slept with us.

How smoothly there took place adaptation?

First very much was not pleasant to Suzy appearance of new people and new things in the house. She did not even mew — she shouted. In the first day we tried not to disturb her: delivered her a plank bed and explained to the child that the house of a cat is the her fortress that the kid did not climb there. And the cat if felt danger, ran on the plank bed at once, knowing that nobody will disturb it there.
Now if strangers come, it hides in the beginning, but already in a few minutes interest gets the best and it comes to get acquainted. If, of course, does not feel for himself threat.
However, the first day it did not go to a tray — suffered till the night. And at night quietly used it.
For the second day of its stay at me very much hurt us an eye. The cat laid down near me and began to lick to me eyes.
Actually, the second reason for which we chose oriental cat — popular belief that it is cats telepathists. They feel when the owner tests an indisposition, and treat him.
Oriental Cat of a Photo Oriental cat of Suzy

As far as on the Internet the character of an oriental cat was truthfully described? Whether you received what you counted on?

Oriental cat, really, very sociable. She goes all the time and talks. She does not even mew as she ordinary cats, namely talks.
From experience: Oriental cats – rather exacting. When they get used to owners, begin to require attention to the person. Adores caress, but when it is squeezed violently, not really loves.
Sometimes in the evening she even invites us to sleep when she very much wants. And likes to wander at night, but at the same time does not rustle.
Ya would not tell that it is a cat who "walks in itself". It is closer to the person.
When remains to Suzy one, she, it seems, just sleeps. Never there was it that she broke something or turned during our absence. She will not cry with loneliness. But, I think, at the former hostess she got not enough attention therefore she did not get used to it.
On Suzy's character very balanced: she seldom jumps, highly does not climb, behaves quietly.
So — yes, everything that we about them read — an honest truth.

As your oriental cat gets on with the child?

is Very good!
But, certainly, we understand that all children behave is very noisy, and warned us that oriental cats very much do not love noise. I cannot tell that it is the full truth. Naturally, our son we in the first week asked not to shout at home. And when she understood that Yaroslav will not offend her, became with it to play with pleasure.
But when foreign child came on a visit, Suzy was nervous and ran away. But, at the same time did not show the slightest aggression.

Oriental cats in principle are not aggressive?

not aggressive. Even when I treated it a paw, she, though growled, but was not scratched and did not bite. And she postpones all hygienic procedures absolutely quietly.
She feels that she will not be offended here.

it is difficult to look after an oriental cat?

there Is no
, is not difficult at all.
As well as any cat, it is necessary to change tray contents in time.
From experience: They are rather clean. We never washed it, but I wiped it with a moist hand. I will not tell that it was pleasant to a cat, but she in reply did not show any aggression.
Ears at oriental cats big, we wipe them with a Q-tip with use of special drops once a week. Very much it is pleasant to it when clean ears.
Regularly we wipe with
to a cat a nose, we clean eyes.
Oriental Cat Oriental cat of Suzy

As at oriental cats with health?

said to Us that they have no genetic diseases at all. Some cats have weak points (heart, kidneys, etc.), but oriental cats do not have it.
Only what it is necessary to pay attention to — that was not a change. At these cats thin and high paws, therefore bones quite fragile. So they cannot be overfed that they remained tiny.

As you feed an oriental cat?

When we took it to
, she ate only a dry feed. But I consider that in a diet there has to be something live, for example, meat. First we had a problem with food – she did not get used to natural food. And even when ate nothing the whole day, refused meat. Now Suzy will not miss an opportunity to regale on fresh meat and a small fish.
From experience: Suzy very much likes to drink water from a glass, for it it just pleasure therefore we almost everywhere have glasses with water .
Oriental Cat Oriental cat of Suzy

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