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in the specialized magazines devoted to pets. By its drawing up the set of important factors is considered: simplicity of application, way of utilization, profitability and, of course, price. On sale tens of options which can be divided into several categories are presented. Among them it is easy to find that which will be ideal for a pet.

The Rating of the Best Fillers for Cat's Toilets
the Rating of fillers for cat's toilets can be found in the specialized magazines devoted house питомцам

Эволюция powders for a tray

Still quite recently the newspapers torn on small pieces, or the sand collected on the next building site were the main filler for a tray. Both options were inconvenient in application, demanded frequent replacement and exhaled unpleasant aroma after the cat visited the tray.

The only advantage of newspapers and sand could be considered their availability and low cost. Then there was a mineral cat litter on the basis of clay, but buyers were frightened by the price and complexity of utilization of the used waste.

Now the situation changed. On shelves of supermarkets and pet-shops the most different types of cat litters are presented. They are sold packaged and on weight, bright packages have different cost. It is difficult to beginner to understand this variety.

Producers of cat's fillers do not hurry to advertize widely the products, as a result most of owners of pets has an idea only of several most popular brands. To understand what product it is better to buy, independent ratings which are statistics, veterinarians and owners of animals will help.

Subjects with names like "We choose fillers for cat's toilets" it is possible to look for in thematic blogs and magazines. Before going to shop, it is necessary to read the independent review allowing to gain an impression about type of fillings for trays and materials of which they are made.

Types of fillers

All fillers for a cat's tray are divided into categories: комкующиеся and absorbing. Both options have the supporters and opponents, both in that, and it is possible to find more expensive and quite available brands in other group.

Комкующийся filler reminds sand or very small granules. The structure can be various. The principle of work of a product is clear from the name. At liquid hit (cat's urine) powdery substance forms dense lumps which are easily taken by a scoop. At the same time the smell is adsorbed, bound together granules do not stick to paws of the pet and are not taken out out of tray limits. Height of sides does not matter. Комкующийся it is more convenient to use a product in a toilet without grid.

Advantages комкующегося filler:

  • one filling will be enough for a week;
  • the smell is completely neutralized;
  • it is very simple to remove, it is enough to take firm lumps once a day;
  • powders or granules are not toxic;
  • is suitable for the kittens and cats having an allergy.

Despite obvious advantages, комкующийся filler has some shortcomings:

  • is not suitable for a tray which several cats use;
  • if to fill up means with a thin layer, it will stick to walls and a bottom;
  • it is not necessary to remove lumps daily, otherwise the animal will be able to use a tray;
  • the used product cannot be thrown out in a toilet bowl.

the Absorbing cat's filler for a toilet works after another to the principle. It absorbs moisture and unpleasant smells, without changing the structure. Gradually liquid accumulates at the bottom, it means that it is time to replace filling. The absorbing option can be used in various trays, walls have to be high that the cat did not scatter a granule. One portion is enough for a week, but some especially clean animals demand more frequent replacement.

Advantages of filler:

  • is suitable for simultaneous use by several pets;
  • it is pleasant to the cats liking to dig actively;
  • does not demand daily cleaning;
  • costs not much.

The absorbing product has also minuses:

  • small granules get enough sleep at active burying and are carried on the apartment;
  • some cats do not like to visit a pot with the used filler;
  • when replacing it is necessary not only to pour out tray contents, but also to carefully wash it.
The Rating of the Best Fillers for Cat's Toilets
All fillers for a cat's tray are divided into categories: комкующиеся and впитывающие

Выбор material

Types of cat's fillers are divided not only by the principle of absorption. A lot of things depend on material which was used for their production. Choosing what filler for a cat's tray to prefer, it must be kept in mind also opinion of the pet. Felinologists and manufacturers recommend to try several options and to stop on that which especially will be pleasant to a cat. Advertizing praises highly many brands, but it is possible to make a right choice only by practical consideration.

On sale the following types are widely presented:

  • mineral;
  • wood;
  • corn;
  • silica gel.

Mineral fillings

Mineral fillers belong to the most widespread. According to producers, they are on sale most actively. The structure can be various, the most widespread – clay. Enters this category as absorbing, and комкующийся option. The quality of a product depends on the size of granules. Upon purchase it is important to track that they were rather large and roundish. Small and sharp can scratch paws of a cat, she will refuse to visit a pot.

Main advantages of clay mixes:

  • it is a natural product, not a defiant allergy at pets;
  • in the rustling granules it is convenient to dig, at the same time they do not get enough sleep out of tray limits;
  • use in different toilets is possible;
  • is suitable for kittens.

The product has also shortcomings:

  • комкующийся bentonite cannot be poured out in a toilet bowl;
  • can stick to wool, be pinched and get into a stomach;
  • clay filler very heavy that presents to complexity upon purchase and utilization;
  • is not on sale by weight.

The price depends on the producer, the volume of packing, the size of granules and other parameters. In most cases комкующийся filler is more expensive than absorbed.

The Rating of the Best Fillers for Cat's Toilets

Options from wood

Such fillers it is made of the pressed sawdust of coniferous breeds, artificial additives are not their part. In a dry form they remind firm medium-sized cylinders. At hit of liquid razmokat, increase in sizes and are scattered on small particles. It is convenient to use wood granules in the deep trays equipped with a lattice. Dry wood cylinders are on a surface, after a razmokaniye small particles fail in cells and do not soil a paw of a cat.

The following qualities belong to advantages of wood granules:

  • low price;
  • in many pet-shops and vetapteka the product is sold on weight;
  • pleasant coniferous aroma;
  • filler is eco-friendly and non-toxic;
  • is suitable for adult animals and kittens;
  • it is possible to throw out in the sewerage.

Among minuses of the pressed sawdust:

  • the used filling is scattered on a floor and carried on the apartment;
  • demands frequent replacement.

Choosing good filler, it is possible to sniff to it. The unpleasant sharp aroma speaks about use of low-quality raw materials, it is better not to buy such products.

The Rating of the Best Fillers for Cat's Toilets

Corn granules

Rather rare option – filler from the pressed corncobs. Usually such type of granules is used for rodents, but there are larger options suitable for cat's trays. On appearance and the principle of action remind wood fillers, but when soaking exude not a smell of needles, but aroma of popcorn.

To pluses of this type of filling:

  • very affordable price;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • high level of absorption;
  • usability;
  • simplicity of utilization;
  • cats like the small and easy granules ideal for burying waste;
  • is suitable for kittens.

Corn granules have some minuses:

  • seldom meet in shops;
  • are not on sale on weight;
  • are carried on paws on the apartment.

It is more convenient to use corn fillers in trays with the high sides complemented with a lattice. Solid waste cleans up a scoop, it is possible to change the become wet sawdust from the lower part 2 times a week.

The Rating of the Best Fillers for Cat's Toilets

Silica gel: it is practical and is convenient

Gel cat litter – one of the last offers in this area. Large transparent granules of rounded or angular shape are made of the dried-up gel of polysilicon acid. Particles of a product have no smell and belong to the absorbing category.

After hit on gel liquid is completely absorbed, granules change color that allows to estimate degree of impurity of a tray easily. Excrement quickly dries. Contents of a toilet do not smell and do not irritate a cat, the animal can use a tray several times in a row.

It is possible to carry to advantages of a product:

  • maximum profitability;
  • is suitable for the cats liking to dig;
  • does not stick to long wool;
  • it is not carried on the apartment, it is easy to remove accidentally dropped out granules;
  • perfectly absorbs a smell;
  • easily changes, does not stick to a bottom and walls of a tray;
  • the used filler can be thrown out in a toilet bowl.

Among product shortcomings:

  • high price;
  • some animals to be afraid of the rustling granules and refuse to use a tray.

Silica gel – the best filler for the cats living groups and forced to use the general tray. Upon purchase it is necessary to check the size and a form of granules. The safest option – the roundish particles which are not scratching a paw. Large sharp crystals can hurt and force a cat to refuse visit of a tray. Very small badly absorb liquid, accumulate at the bottom and irritate an animal.

Silica gel is on sale by weight in most pet-shops, it allows to choose ideal option for a specific cat.

The Rating of the Best Fillers for Cat's Toilets

the Gift from Japan

It is possible to find especially economic Japanese filler suitable for hyper sensitive animals and owners with allergic reaction to usual fillings in sale. It costs expensive, but packing lasts for a long time. The Japanese fillers belong to the category of absorbing. On sale the following options are presented:

  • granules from mix of paper and starch with the color indicator indicating extent of pollution;
  • small cylinders from the wood of a cypress mixed with rice starch;
  • filling from cellulose with addition of activated carbon;
  • filler from the pressed soy fibers.

All types are most eco-friendly, simple in use, are suitable for animal any age. Among minuses – the high price and complexity of acquisition. Not to find such options in usual shops, they can be got in Internet boutiques.

That will be pleasant to a cat

Council how to choose cat litter, the experienced manufacturer or the seller in pet-shop can give. It is important to consider what tray prefers an animal. The absorbing fillers will be suitable for the closed options in the form of a lodge and toilets with a lattice: silica gel, bentonite or sawdust. It is more convenient to fill deep trays without inserts комкующейся with filling. That cats did not carry small parts on all apartment, before a toilet it is worth laying a small rug from rubber.

When choosing cat's filler usually pay attention to the price. Among the most available it is possible to note wood and corn granules. The package of 3 kg can be bought for 70 rubles, upon purchase by weight filler will cost still cheaper. Leaders of category – the Comfort, Суперкэт, Clean Pads brands. Corn filler of Golden Kot can be bought for 150 rubles (a package of 5 l).

Clay fillings are in the 2nd place at the price. Among the popular Fresh Step brands there are a Threefold protection, Katty hygienic. The price is from 200 to 300 rubles for a standard package in 5 l. Silica gel is significantly more expensive, packing in 5 kg can be bought for 350-500 rubles. Available and popular option – the No. 1 Crystals Antibacterial. All the Japanese fillers will be more expensive, the price of a standard package can reach 1500 rubles.

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