• Feb 6, 2020
The history of breed the Scottish Fold began rather recently.
at the beginning of the 60th of the 20th century the Scottish farmer William Ross noticed on a neighbour's farm a white cat with unusual ears. A cat called Suzy. Its owner told that mother Suzy is the British short-haired cat, and the father is unknown.
 the Scottish Fold
On a photo: Scottish Fold
Ross and his wife Mary simply fell in love with a lop-eared kitty and with pleasure in 2 years accepted in a kitten gift, a fruit of love of Suzy and a local cat. The baby was called by Snuks, and she had same ears, as well as at mother.
Mary Ross's
decided to breed unusual cats. Снукс crossed to an ordinary farmer cat, and among offsprings two could brag of a visloukhost. It laid the foundation for breed of Scottish Folds.
selectors came Later to a conclusion that a visloukhost – result of a gene mutation.
For removal of breed to lop-eared cats flowed blood of the British short-haired, Persian, exotic and American short-haired cats.
But in the 70th years the British felinological organization suspended breeding cultivation of Scottish Folds. It became clear that the gene which is responsible for a visloukhost is also the reason of a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal device.
However selectors of the USA did not stop it. Even before the ban in Great Britain Scottish Folds got to the research center in Massachusetts for studying of spontaneous mutations. Researches were stopped, but cats found new houses. One of them got to Pennsylvania to Sallie Woolf Peters who became the initiator of cultivation of Scottish Folds.
the American manufacturers decided to continue by
cultivation and to improve breed. As a result of crossing of lop-eared cats with the Scottish and British pryamoukhy more kittens without congenital anomalies were born. And since 1973 the American felinological associations began to register Scottish Folds. Long-haired Scottish Folds were recognized in 1980
Now Scottish Folds enter ten the most popular cat breeds in the USA and won popularity almost around the world.

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