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the Stove bench for a cat the hands will become the best gift to a canine friend. It is possible to make it easily, having used improvised materials. It will be very convenient to animal to have a rest on the soft warm stove bench executed from a sweater or other improvised materials. The most important – previously to measure length of a body of a cat and to determine her sizes.

Stove Bench for a Cat the Hands
the Stove bench for a cat the hands will become the best gift four-footed другу

Разновидности plank beds and the requirement to them

The place for a cat will be her own territory. In the place where the animal bed is located, it has to be dry, warm, cozy. It is the best of all if nearby there is a kogtetochka, then the pet will precisely understand that this territory is allocated for him.

Equipping a bed for a cat, it is important to consider that it has to be the most convenient as the animal can refuse a rigid stove bench. There is a set of options of arrangement of the place for the canine friend, everything depends on his temperament and preferences.

If the pet likes to spend time separately, then it is worth making for it the stove bench executed in the form of a lodge where it can hide. In such lodge will be comfortably and is protected to feel newborn kittens therefore if the cat is pregnant, then it is the best of all to equip a lodge before she begins childbirth.

The most functional and most attractive option sewing of a pillow with use of foam rubber or any other type of filler is considered. It is very simple design therefore to make it is possible easily most, even the pattern is not required. It is possible to add a pillow with high soft sides as it will allow an animal to feel more conveniently and to accept any pose during sleep.

Quite attractive and unusual stove bench can be designed from an unnecessary suitcase, the most important – to issue it so that it was the most comfortable and ideally fitted into the common stylistic decision of the house.

It is possible to sew the vacation spot of the pet from an old jumper. It will be not as beautiful as other types of stove benches, but quite will be suitable for rest at the dacha. If the favourite place of an animal – a radiator, then it is possible to make a product with fastenings that the cat did not slide off the battery. For inquisitive animals who like to look out in a window it is possible to sew special plank beds on a window sill.

At all, apparently, simplicity of production of this product it is necessary to know how to make a plank bed for a cat with own hands it is correct, taking into account all main requirements imposed to this design. It is important to consider and observe:

  • maximum convenience;
  • ease of washing and care of product;
  • environmental safety;
  • inability of material to accumulate in itself dust.

It is whenever possible necessary to sew a stove bench for a cat so that her design corresponded to a room interior.

Stove Bench for a Cat the Hands

Master class in production

To make a stove bench for a canine friend without considerable material investments, without having spent a lot of time, quite perhaps. The master class will help to make a functional and soft bed. Any strong fabric will be suitable for arrangement of the cozy place intended for a dream and rest of the pet. As the basis it is possible to use any product. It can be:

  • box;
  • basket;
  • pillow;
  • mattress.

Production of a stove bench will require two various types of strong fabric by the size of each 105 x 90 cm and also filler, sintepon is the best of all. If there is no whole piece of fabric of the required size, then it is possible to sew it from small rags.

Before starting tailoring of a stove bench, it is necessary to measure the pet as it will help not to be mistaken with sizes. Then step by step:

  1. For a pattern it is necessary to prepare two identical crosswise details, considering the size of a cat.
  2. When the pattern will be ready, it is necessary to transfer it to fabric and to cut out preparations.
  3. Then to prepare 8 enough long and wide ribbons.
  4. To put two patterns together, previously having placed between them ribbons. They have to settle down from each party of future product and will serve as ties.
  5. To sew two patterns among themselves, leaving 12 cm from each party for filling of a plank bed sintepon.
  6. To turn out a finished product and to fill it with sintepon, trying that the maximum quantity was in area of sides.
  7. To stitch the bottom in the form of a square, to sew up the remained openings and to connect ribbons together so that the square with high sides was formed.

Thanks to this master class it is possible very just to make a stove bench for a cat in the form of a sofa. If the cat fluffy, then is better to make sides of a stove bench low. For short-haired animals sides need to be done rather high and to use more filler for a design bottom.

Stove Bench for a Cat the Hands

Production of a round stove bench for a cat with sides will require any strong fabric and also a pillow, it is desirable round shape. It is possible to take an old children's mattress as a basis:

  1. To cut out the round basis from a pillow or a mattress, and from strong fabric to cut the wide strips intended for sides.
  2. To stitch the received parts of a stove bench a double seam for giving to a product of additional durability.
  3. To process in addition the basis and sides other type of fabric.
  4. Sides need to be sewed strongly together a double seam that the circle turned out. They can be sewn strongly to the basis or to make removable on buttons or buttons. If there is desire to make a product more functional, it is possible to sew a lightning which will connect sides and the bottom.

If a kitten still small, then it is desirable to do a bed with a stock, otherwise in process of its growth it is necessary to make a new berth. Knowing how to sew a plank bed for a cat, it is possible to diversify a design, to give it the desirable form and to add with various accessories.

Stove Bench for a Cat the Hands

Other options

Almost each cat sleeps on the battery in cold season. However surface of the battery rigid and inconvenient for a pet. To make rest of an animal the most comfortable, it can equip a stove bench, and the cat on the battery will spend time with pleasure. But it is important that this place was not only warm, but also soft.

It is very simple to make a stove bench for a cat on the battery as such bed represents the design executed from the steady framework which is attached to a radiator and a mattress.

It is initially necessary to make a framework of wood or chipboard. The design of the applied fixing parts in many respects depends on features of the battery. The stove bench for cats mounted on the battery has to keep steady that the animal, jumping on it from a floor, did not fall. Then from strong fabric to sew a bag, to fit it the executed framework, to fill it with sintepon and to mount a stove bench for a cat in the field of the battery fasteners. It is necessary that the stove bench occupied no more than 20% of the space of a radiator of heating.

It is possible to make the functional stove bench for a cat the hands mounted on a window sill. That such design was combined with the stylistic direction of an interior, it is possible to make it of the same material, as a portiere. It is initially necessary to decide on parameters of future product, and then to pass to designing.

Product parameters in many respects depend on window sill width. The hands it is rather simple to design a stove bench for cats. It is the best of all to give to a product the form of a square or a rectangle. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare two identical cuts of fabric of the required size, to sew them together, and then to fill with sintepon. At will to issue a pillow a frill or an edging. For playful cats it is in addition possible to attach on one end of a pillow a pompon on a tape. That the cat did not drop a pillow on a floor all the time, it is necessary to attach it to a window sill surface a bilateral adhesive tape.

Stove Bench for a Cat the Hands

If a window sill rather small, then it is possible to make a stove bench for a cat the hands of the chipboard panel and to fix it by means of two clamps. Then over a rigid structure to lay a soft pillow.

If there is desire to equip a cat's stove bench from improvised materials, then the place for a cat from an old sweater will be an optimal solution. It should be taken into account that the used jumper surely has to be made of warm yarn. To equip a stove bench, it is necessary to sew up a mouth, openings of sleeves. To fill a finished product with sintepon, to sew up the remained openings and to give the form of a plank bed, using sleeves as sides. Very cozy and lovely bed for a pet which will ideally fit into the interior executed in rural style will turn out.

Cats just delighted with functional hammocks, this convenient adaptation which can easily be taken with itself to the dacha. A similar stove bench it is possible to arrange between legs of a coffee table. So it will draw less attention, and for an animal the cozy town where the cat can have a rest will turn out.

the Bast basket for a cat (video)

Knowing how to sew a stove bench for the favourite, it is possible to turn the most various options into reality, using the fabrics and materials which are available in the house. It is possible to make several interesting and functional devices which will ideally fit into an interior of the house and will be pleasant to a canine friend.

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