• Feb 21, 2019

the Unpleasant smell because of waste products of a cat — quite solved problem.

Disposals of the Apartment of a Smell of Cat's Urine

The manufacturer can eliminate it by means of professional modern tools or take national advice.

There are 5 effective ways of disposal of the apartment of a smell of cat's urine.


For elimination of unpleasant aroma it is necessary to find its source, otherwise the cat or a cat and will mark the territory. The found places wipe a rag, wash with soap and air the room. After that it is possible to start the process of disposal of an urine smell.

the Most available means can be found in any apartment. The harm done by them for an animal and the price will be minimum.

Modern Methods of Disposal of a Smell of Cat's Urine

Among similar household medicines apply:

  • Domestos;
  • Sanita;
  • Whiteness.

During similar processing the cat needs to be brought from the room as vapors of chlorine can cause unpleasant symptoms.

use the Transferred funds only for clarification of a concrete floor or linoleum.

National methods

apply To clothes, laminate, a parquet, a carpet:

Traditional Methods of Disposal of a Smell of Cat's Urine

  • laundry soap;
  • vodka;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • hydrogen peroxide.

These substances are house substitutes of expensive means on destruction of unpleasant aromas.

Cleaning cocktail of national production consists of the following components:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • means for washing of ware.

At first wash away urine vinegar, then rub this means to the necessary place.

Special products

It is possible to find a large number of products for discharge of cat's urine in household shops.

How to Save the House from a Smell of Cat's Urine

Among them:

  • Odorgon;
  • Biot-@;
  • Fukortsin.

Similar products are capable to destroy dangerous microbes after half-hour processing. to remove a smell, it is possible to buy the spray . The most popular is Antizapakh. This product not only destroys aroma, but also is capable to save houseplants which are always marked by animals.

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