• Aug 10, 2019

Having seen this lovely little fluffy, nobody will think that nice Murka — actually wild cat from Africa which is more blood-thirsty than a leopard. It is about one of the least representatives of the cat family — a chernonogy cat. Among the African Bushmen about courage and ferocity of a small animal legends go. Natives tell that this polutorakilogrammovy kid attacks even giraffes. Locals call him an ant tiger because the animal likes to lodge in the thrown termitaries.

Wild Cat from Africa Which Is More Blood-thirsty than a Leopard

of the Habitat

There lives a chernonogy cat in desert places of South Africa. enters the area of its dwelling several countries:


  • Botswana.
  • Zimbabwe.
  • Angola.
  • Namibia.
  • Republic of South Africa.

Prefers the lands having vegetation: grass, bushes, small groups of trees. She does not live in completely open dry and sandy areas.

Description of appearance

Externally ant tiger is surprisingly similar to an ordinary domestic cat. The tiny predator weighs from one and a half to two kilograms, body length together with a tail reaches 50 cm. A coloring from sand to brown with a "leopard" pattern from black spots. The lower part of paws of black color because of what the cat was also called "chernonogy". The small pillows of paws covered with dense wool are reliably protected from hot sand.

the Animal has very sensitive hearing and well developed sense of smell. The big round eyes burning in the dark with neon-blue light are perfectly seen at the night.

Survival in severe conditions

These African cats have surprising ability to survival under trying conditions. They up to three days can do without water, being content with the moisture extracted from food. 54 species of animals enter a diet of little "tiger": various small rodents and birds, insects, spiders, lizards and frogs.


In the menu can appear and trophies of the much bigger sizes, such as anteater, hare, bustard.

Excellent hearing, acute eyesight, the developed scent and camouflage coloring help a predator to avoid danger and to hunt. It conducts, as well as most of his relatives, a nocturnalism, and rests in bed in the afternoon at themselves in a den. It is easily capable to dig out a hole, but prefers to find already ready housing. Except termitaries, it can be holes of rabbits, porcupines, anteaters. The Chernonogy cat is very reserved and careful.

At the slightest danger she tries to run away. But if retreat is impossible, will show all ferocity of the character.

Hunting skill

Because of the accelerated metabolism the animal is very gluttonous . Per day the cat eats at least 250 g that makes approximately the one sixth part of its weight therefore she hunts all night long and in any weather, without knowing fatigue. Till the dawn runs 16 km.

Chernonogaya cat

Черноногая a cat — very effective hunter: three times more successfully than lions and in six — leopards. In a night the small predator can catch from 10 to 14 trophies. Everyone half an hour the cat makes a jump on production, and two of three such jumps come to an end with success. The ant tiger, of course, does not attack giraffes, but to catch production, twice big the hunter, the cat manages. In that case the predator hides the killed game for emergency at itself in a den.


Chernonogy cats live in loneliness. Unite in couples only during a reproduction season. Pregnancy continues 63 — 68 days, is born from one to four kittens, two are more often. The father in care of kids of participation does not accept.

Chernonogaya cat (kitten)

Kittens are born almost bald, wool grows by sixth week . At three-week age they begin to explore vicinities, in 7 — 8 weeks learn to hunt the game brought by mother. In four months independently begin to get livelihood. Under favorable conditions for a cat can have two dung a year.

Life expectancy of the chernonogy predator in the wild nature makes 7 — 8 years, in a zoo — up to 16. Though the animal well lives and breeds in bondage, it is impossible to tame him.

Vulnerability of a look

In spite of the fact that in the Republic of South Africa and Botswana hunting for chernonogy cats is forbidden, the number of a look is under the threat. is the Reason for that the person:

Wild Cat from Africa

  • people the economic activity destroy the places of residence of predators;
  • cats fall a victim of poachers;
  • animals get to traps or eat the poisoned baits scattered by farmers for jackals;
  • they often perish from attack of dogs and under wheels of cars;
  • destruction of a locust on fields also leads of small animals who eat the poisoned insects to death.

Since 2002 this rare animal is ranked as vulnerable types and included in the International Red List.

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