• Aug 20, 2019

People long since try to understand cats, to study features of their behavior. For expression of the emotions animals use not only sounds, but also body language. One of the most interesting gestures is the butting pursuing at once several specific goals.

Draws attention

Butting – difficult gesture. It begins with touches a forehead, a cheek, an ear, and then a neck, a shoulder, a back and a tail. Cats often meet so the owners, sometimes curving at the same time a back or rising on hinder legs.

It is wrong to think that with a cat it is not necessary to be engaged that she can entertain herself. Actually any pet seeks to contact to the person and feels alone if refuse to him caress. Butting – a great way to attract attention the owner who is eternally occupied with the affairs. It is better not to ignore this sign and to allocate at least half an hour in day for games with the favourite.

"this my person" Speaks

When the animal butts the owner's head, it shows not only love, but also about need to affirm the property right. On temples and about ears cats have glands excreting the secret used for designation of borders of the territory. All animals attach huge significance to how we smell this or that object. Returning from the street, the owner can bring unfamiliar, frightening smells. To a cat such change not to liking therefore he corrects a situation by means of own pheromones. Only in this case the pet can feel in safety.

"Marking" the person, pets show the arrangement and sincere friendship. The behavior of a cat with different people can differ:

  • the animal gently butts the owner or the hostess a forehead in hands or legs;
  • the pet staying in good mood can rub about people;
  • if the cat brings closer the muzzle to the face of the owner, and her eyes at the same time are widely open, so she completely trusts this person and is ready to reveal before it.

Elicits food

A benevolent, delicate cat, having got hungry, can be afraid to disturb the owner with loud miaow. Easy butting the pet reminds of the existence. Even the most careful person can be fond and that without wishing to pass feeding time.

The cat can butt the person for various reasons. Anyway, it is important to pay attention to the pet, to stroke it, to think what can be required by him at present. Animals are capable to miss caress of the owners, also they need the partner for games. Therefore despite employment, it is necessary to give to the favourite enough time.

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