• Apr 19, 2019

in the unfamiliar place for any animal are very disturbing the First days, especially for cats who can be some time in a condition of a severe stress and tension because of sharp change of a situation.

How to Help a Kitten to Adapt with the New House

5 useful recommendations how to help a kitten to adapt with the new house:

Limit Acquaintance of a Kitten to the Apartment or the House by One Room

How to Adapt a Kitten to the New House

Kitten in the New House

  1. With purchase of the younger family member it is worth creating urgently for him all conditions of comfortable stay and to buy all necessary: bowls for water and food, the forage corresponding to age (pastes best of all approach), a tray with low sides, cat litter, couple of toys. If the kitten is bought from the manufacturer or taken from hands, specify all trifles: what fed with, used and played at the last owner.
  2. For a start limit to acquaintance to the apartment or the house by one room . The kid, most likely, will hide. In the place chosen by him put or the bought laying, or a small blanket, a towel that he did not catch a cold on a floor. Nearby put the filled bowl with water. Damp forages and pastes zavetrivatsya quickly therefore do not put much. The tray also has to stand in the readily available place, but not less than in meter from water and food. When the kitten accustoms — will rearrange everything as it is convenient to you.
  3. to take On hands, it is necessary to iron , it is necessary to show to your pet that in the new place it is safe, it is loved and not be offended. But be not overzealous: does not want to sit on hands — stroked and released. If purrs, does not escape, let sits so much how many you and want to it. Try to interest in a game.
  4. Should not invite guests some time , do more silent the TV and music, it will accelerate adaptation and the kid will quicker get used to you. Also you should not abuse it for misses with a toilet. If in the future they proceed, try to replace the place of a tray or filler.
  5. the Kitten can refuse food , respectively, not to go to a toilet up to two-three days.
If by sight he is healthy

, everything is all right, but you have doubts — go to the veterinarian.


of the Doctor on responses and recommendations.

Very soon tension will fall down and the kid will play about, play and please new owners.

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