• Feb 14, 2020

my parents went to the resort! For two weeks. No, I do not take offense at all, could not go with them in any way – study. Well as study: on the 4th course we are already so not sent as pervak. Besides mother resolved that these two weeks to us my obshchazhny friend, Dimka from physics department moved.

The Foolish Idea of the Friend Led to the Fact that We Try to Attach 3 Cats Now

Before departure mother prepared food the full refrigerator: both borsch, and cutlets, potatoes, sausage of 3 types, a different pickles, and just in case in the deep freeze of 5 more kilograms of pelmeshka. All this stock of provisions would be enough to support a company of Red Army men, and not just two eternally hungry students. Therefore I with ease released parents on rest.

As salt and sugar influence an organism of a cat

And that with Dimon still is necessary for us – there will be enough game on a prefix and that nobody plagued supposedly, go to bed. About how guys when their parents leave have a rest, I know only according to movies, but did not begin to experiment. Generally, all first week we were with impunity cut in "pillbox" and, contrary to the hammered refrigerator, ordered pizza. Then decided to diversify "freedom".

Dimka suggested to go on fishing. I supported and reported that on a balcony the box with hooks and different baits is stored. In the same place, somewhere behind old skis there were rods. Sorting deposits, we found cat's carrying – three years ago we were abandoned by our cat. He died of an old age at the age of nearly 15 years. Mother took its leaving hard and refused to get new animals, at least so far.

How quickly to accustom a kitten to go to a tray

After our sortie on fishing weather for some reason deteriorated. Heavy rain went already second day. And here my companion offered:

– Time we cannot go to fish or put network, let's catch houses.

– Whom? – I did not understand.

– Yes though cats! We and have networks – here, carrying for animals. Only the bait is necessary.

Baits there was a full refrigerator. We filled carrying with sausage and mother's cutlets and took out to the yard. Found the secluded place in bushes and recorded our "trap".

Heavy rain played a dirty trick with us: the Internet went out, our computer battles forcedly stopped. Here we remembered that it is necessary to check carrying – who pecked on a bait.

Approach of the first techka at a cat: 5 signs

Went down to the yard, found "trap" and found in two adult cats and three little kittens who huddled in carrying, trying to escape from a rain and hunger. We were shocked: what now with all this economy to do? To expel under a rain the hand was not raised against the street. Generally, we with Dimon took away all this company home and temporarily lodged on a balcony.

Three days we almost round the clock looked for housing for our cats. Two managed to be attached. Before return of parents of their holiday there were 4 days. And we have three more new inhabitants. And you do not need a kitten?

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