• Jan 4, 2020

of the Cat incredibly beautiful and lovely animals. They are very clean and watch closely purity of "fur coat". But sometimes there is a need for the full-fledged "bathing" procedure. Veterinarians advise to carry out it in a sink. And to it there is a number of justifications.

Compact sizes

Any cat likes to hide in a box or a box. In small space the animal feels in bigger safety. For this reason, bathing in a sink will be for it a smaller stress, than in a huge bathtub.

For the owner bathing in the wash basin will be the most comfortable in the respect that the cat will not run away and be hung up on bathtub boards. In the wash basin it is possible to seat conveniently her and to quickly carry out water procedures.

Proximity of the owner

Cats are very attached to the owner though not always and show it. They consider the person by stronger "predator" and near it feel safe.

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In case to bathe an animal in a sink, the direct contact and proximity of the owner will help it to calm down and easier to have a stress from water procedures. If you soaping a hair of a cat you will speak with him gently and quietly, to praise him, then quite perhaps he will fall in love with visit of "bath" soon and itself with pleasure will jump in the wash basin.

If the pet is too frightened, it is better to wind him him with a towel and to wash accurately by "parts", without forgetting to stroke and speak to pay "compliments".

is easier to soap

The sink what it big would not be will be all the same more compact than the bathroom. For this reason it is simpler to soap the house favourite. She is nervous less and moves less. As a result detergent can be distributed evenly on all body and to wash away carefully.

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It should be noted that not all shampoos and gels are suitable for washing of the pet. It is necessary to get specialized means for animals. It becomes in order that skin was not overdried, and wool did not stick together and was silky.

the Back will not ache

If to decide on bathing of a cat in the bathroom, then it becomes not only a stress for it, but also the cause of pain in a back at the owner. The procedure is carried out in an uncomfortable position of a body. The person is forced not only it being necessary to bathe having bent, but also at the same time to try to control each movement of the fluffy favourite, without allowing it to escape and escape ahead of time.

Therefore if you care for the back, then it is the best of all to bathe a cat in the wash basin. It is necessary to rise exactly, having placed legs at shoulder length. The animal is seated back sinks in a bowl which bottom is previously dimmed a towel, and at the same time gently stroked. It is in advance necessary to adjust the comfortable water temperature and a pressure of a stream.

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is more convenient to control and fix a cat

The wash basin allows to record a cat in the necessary situation and to wash up her more carefully. Being nervous and opening a mouth she begins to swallow soapsuds. This dangerous to her health. The water procedures which are carried out in the wash basin allow to control this moment. In case of foam hit, it is possible to wash up quickly and without serious consequences it from the pet's mouth. At the water procedures which are carried out in the bathroom it is even possible not to notice when it occurred.

Careful washing of ears is important for hygiene of the pet. The compact sizes will allow to wash up and at once to wipe an auricle dry that water did not get to the acoustical canal and did not become the reason of development of otitis.

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