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Unique external data and great intelligent character are of what the tonkinsky cat can brag. It is considered that officially this breed exists since 1960, but actually began to work on it much earlier. Besides, considering that the tonkinsky cat breed represents a hybrid of burmansky and Siamese cats, history is much more ancient than it, than can seem at first sight.

Tonkinsky cat: characteristic of breed, the rule of contents
Unique external data and great intelligent character are what the tonkinsky cat
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the Description of breed

Externally these animals represent something between both ancestors. The cat tonkinsky possesses a strong and athletic trunk of average size, its outlines seem more roundish, than at Siam, but at the same time it looks at all not less elegantly. This breed differs in well developed muscles, harmonious and quite long legs with graceful pads of an oval form. A tail at tonkinez (it is one more name of breed which is a calque from the English designation) rather long, and at the basis also quite thick (but to a tip it is gradually narrowed). The tonkinsky cat from 2.5 kg (average weight of a female) to 5.5-6 kg (weight of an adult cat) weighs.

The head of a cat looks is characteristic of east breeds. Its wedge-shaped form with high cheekbones, smooth contours and the big, slightly inclined forward ears looks very beautifully. It is necessary to admire big almond-shaped eyes of tonkinez. Distinctive signs of this breed are green-blue or light-turquoise eyes. It is interesting that when the cat turns the head, the shade can change a little, but it is just play of light. The and saturated color will be deeper, the assessment of experts will be higher.

Tonkinsky cat: characteristic of breed, the rule of contents
Tonkinsky cat breed represents a hybrid of burmansky and Siamese cats

possess a short, skintight hair of gentle texture, but without underfur. Most often coloring at them light-nut. And 2 colors – the main wool and marks on paws, a tail and on a muzzle are considered at once. But standards of breed (they are adopted officially, at the level of WCF and CFA) provided several admissible shades:

  • the natural mink is the already mentioned primary nut color with more dark marks, up to a chocolate shade;
  • the platinum mink is a light gray main tone with gray-blue marks;
  • the blue mink is the primary blue color with gray-blue marks;
  • champagne – the primary color is somewhere between a beige shade and color of champagne, and a mark light brown.

It is interesting that in one dung not all kittens will be painted in one mink color, about a half of kids will receive coloring of Siamese and burmanets, and the reason consists in recession of genes of both parents. At the same time only carriers of four listed above colourings are allowed to further breeding work. Other kittens (in the theory) have to be sterilized.

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History of origin

Canada is considered the homeland of tonkinsky cat breed (though in some sources is called the USA, it is not true). The first officially registered cat тонкинез is Wong Mau, but on the West it was delivered from Rangoon, and it was in 1950.

But the matter is that Siamese cats it is from Indochina and burmansky a sort from Myanmar (the West of Indochina) long time lived in the neighboring regions, and spontaneous knitting of two breeds was quite possible. Therefore it is possible to consider credible data that the first tonkineza appeared in the Victorian England where even participated in exhibitions. Just then the cat of such breed had no own champion standard because the breed was not registered.

And after rules of exhibitions became tougher, nobody began to present such animal to public. For several decades of tonkinez Siamese pressed from a pedestal.

In the 1960th years the manufacturer Margaret Konra was engaged in removal of tonkinsky breed. The female of forces points and a magnificent sable burmansky cat became parents of the first kittens. Their posterity surpassed all expectations of the manufacturer as received beautiful nut coloring and eyes of color of aquamarine. Thus, without offering anything considerably new, Margaret Konra continued natural communication between breeds. But at first tonkineza were given a hostile reception as were hybrids and offended a delicate taste of judges of pure breeds. About 20 years were required in order that fans of cats could appreciate tonkinez.

Tonkinsky cat: characteristic of breed, rule of contents

Nature of tonkinez

Both Siamese, and burmansky cats are very curious and playful. Tonkineza borrowed the best traits of character from these ancestors. These are very clever and live cats, inquisitive, independent, but at the same time very devoted to the owners.

For this reason they are considered as beautiful partners. But at the same time, if not to bring up kittens, cats who will constantly follow on heels the owner will grow from them and even to disturb him. Tonkineza seldom are stubborn, but after all can be so that, despite the taken measures, the cat all the same will continue to bend the line and to follow the owner like a dog. In that case it is necessary to play the small dramatized representation. The matter is that of a tonkineza are very observation and are able to notice a look . Disaccustoming the pet to any bad habit, it is necessary to show in every possible way to him as the owner is disappointed and upset. As tonkinsky cats are very attached to the owner, one or two negative reactions that they ceased to misbehave usually are enough for them.

Tonkinsky cat: characteristic of breed, rule of contents

In general, tonkinsky cats do not love the conflicts, these are very observant animals who have good memory and are even able to find weak points of owners. But at the same time psychologists recommend to children to get with autism tonkinsky cats as those are able to find approach even to such kids.

Tonkineza love games. But if, playing with the owner, they quite are content with a ball, then alone prefer more difficult games, for example, with clockwork toys or overcoming an obstacle course.

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Maintenance and leaving

Tonkinez have no subguns therefore their skin is more vulnerable and demands delicate leaving. The best tool for targeting of beauty the rubber brush or a massage glove is considered.

What these animals do not love, so it bathings therefore they are licked diligently and long. It allows them to cope with small dust content, but if the cat was already seriously soiled, then it is necessary to bathe her, without paying attention to protests.

Tonkinsky cat: characteristic of breed, rule of contents

In general of a tonkineza – very clean beings. Insufficiently well washed up bowl can serve as a reason for refusal of food, and they categorically will not deal with a dirty tray. Therefore owners should care for hygiene properly.

As for food, as tonkineza – very active animals, the balanced diet for them is of particular importance. Natural food in which more than a half of a daily diet has to make meat is considered more useful option. But also dry feeds which will correspond to a way of life of the pet on the caloric content and availability of vitamins will approach.

Tonkineza like to walk in the fresh air. Therefore it is necessary to think in advance of that in window openings grids were established, and the window accessories were located so that the pet could not reach it (as practice shows, these cats quickly enough learn to open window leaves). It is very important that the tonkinsky cat did not remain on the street one. They usually are not afraid of cars and therefore cars are dangerous to them. It is desirable to walk a tonkinez on a lead.

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Representatives of tonkinsky breed differ in good health, they practically have no genetic deviations. But it is necessary to pay certain attention to hygiene of teeth is their weakest point as Siamese are also inclined to inflammatory diseases of a mouth. So it is regularly necessary to carry out toothbrushing.

Tonkineza traditionally enter ten the most popular breeds. It's not just that they so attractively look. A considerable role is played by their light temper. These are appeasable cats, as well as all east breeds, they are curious, sociable, but at the same time are delicate.

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