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of the Cat — some of the most beloved fluffy friends of the person. Around them myths and legends long since go: about troubles because of a black cat, good luck from a three-colored cat, cunning of red pets. Many still are mistaken and do not understand where the truth and where a lie. So, exists top-10 myths about cats in which almost all trust.

The Interesting Facts about Cats

of the Wound begin to live independently

For capture of liquid and comb-out of dirt from wool the nature awarded these animals with rough language. Owners are sure that small damages will drag on by itself, this process is helped by licking by the pet of a sore point. Actually it not so. Saliva really has the disinfecting properties helping to heal wounds, but the owner has to remember that the roughness of language can aggravate situation: as if an emery paper, it rips the upper layer of the skin therefore damage can become deeper.

At them 100% sight in the dark

Cats and the truth well see in twilight, but not in outer darkness. Pets came from wild: lions, panthers, cheetahs — the real hunters, having kept from them vibriss (moustaches) located including on eyebrows, a muzzle, ears. This adaptation just also helps them to be less vulnerable when light does not suffice.

of the Dog and cats — inveterate enemies

Myths about Cats and Dogs

Such phenomenon is observed only on the street. At animals, as well as at people, different characters: there are aggressive hunters, teases or mollycoddles. It is impossible to foresee their behavior, but most often no war between dogs and cats happens. Moreover, they often become friends. On the Internet there is a set to that confirmations — owners post lovely photos and video with the pets!

Moustaches help to maintain balance

It is the next myth. In the previous point the subject of moustaches, more precisely, than vibriss was already considered. They help to be guided with space, to determine food temperature, that is vibrissa actually belong to sense organs. And have no relation to support of balance.

Sterilization — only after the delivery

Castration and Sterilization of Pets

This lie is extended by veterinarians who have not enough qualification. At cats even after first labor increase genitals why it will be simpler to perform operation. In fact, childbirth — the difficult phenomenon for pets as they affect health of an organism. Besides there is always a risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases and even death.

the Responsible owner has to know

that the sterilization which is carried out in time is capable to lower a possibility of development of cancer of mammary glands and a uterus. What it will be made operations earlier, that it will be better for the cat — it is easier to have such stress at early age.

Castration — the reason of laziness and obesity

Even the most active cats after operation become very lazy! What to do? One more delusion. If the pet eats much and sleeps, at least 17 hours a day, then such mode will remain also after operation. Of course, cats always become in the winter more phlegmatic , but no more than that. All the rest — auto-suggestion of owners.

For the castrated animals is necessary special leaving therefore it is better to ask the veterinarian to choose a special forage for the sterilized cats.

to Delete with

claws — safely and it is useful

Removal of claws — very dangerous procedure. The building and depth of claws at each kitten different therefore to perform operation without complications quite difficult. If the cat gives to the owner a lot of inconvenience the claws, then just is better to cut them at the veterinarian in time .

Always lands on paws

Falling at cats — quite difficult process. To be grouped and turn paws to the Earth's surface, they should involve all body and even a tail. And it is not so simple and not always it turns out. Therefore when falling from big height fractures of extremities are quite probable.

If not to release on the street — will not get sick

Even if the pet does not go outside, the microorganisms causing the hardest diseases with ease can get into the house on footwear and clothes of the person.

Therefore it is always necessary to be vigilant, to watch the favourites and in time to do all necessary inoculations.

Cats treat

Cats Treat — the Truth or not

Lie! The animal lays down on a sore point because feels the increased temperature in this area. And the science authentically does not know what impact pet-therapy has on the person.

To claim that cats do not treat in general, too it is impossible. Cases when after interaction of the person with some animal he recovered in a magic way were widely widespread in media. Perhaps, during the games with the pet at the person are allocated hormones which at a disease are not enough. Therefore many are sure that such therapy works.

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