• Apr 26, 2019

the Fluffy British and Scots from the world of cat's are very similar at each other. The similarity of some individuals is so high that it is even difficult to professional to define breed of moustached. What to tell about ordinary owners котофеев. Many of them consider that the breed of their pet is called "British lop-eared". But alas, there is no such cat breed. Will help to define breed of the fluffy pet 5 main differences between the British and Scottish cat.

Relatives from the World of Cats — the Scottish and British Cats

Raznoporodny twins

Scottish and British Cat, Differences

The cat breed which is often mentioned among owners of moustached handsome "British lop-eared" actually result of confusion are two versions котофеев, connected in one name. Really not all can distinguish lop-eared Scots from their immediate family — the British. Representatives of both breeds possess a fine dense hair and a so-called "owl's" muzzle — they full-faced, with huge round eyes headlights and chubby cheeks.

And nevertheless both breeds have characteristics thanks to which they can be distinguished from each other. K to them belong:

  • ears;
  • constitution;
  • hair;
  • character;
  • favourite pose.

Structure of ears

All owners "British lop-eared" should remember handsome — the British are not to the pressed ears. Scots possess a gene of a visloukhost. But not each Scot lop-eared therefore cats with the pressed ears can be allocated in special subspecies under the name a Scottish Fold.

As the Scottish and British Cat Differs

It is interesting that two Scottish Folds cannot be crossed as the increased gene of a visloukhost does posterity impractical. Couple for cultivation can be made only of lop-eared and pryamoukhy individuals. As the last involved the British earlier, but since 2006 crossing of the British cats with Scottish is forbidden — only intra pedigree data are admissible. So to the British succeeded of a skottish-strayta — pryamoukhy subspecies of Scots . On ears to distinguish them from the British it will not turn out — it is necessary to consider other features.

Figure and constitution

Kotofe of the Scottish and British breed have the characteristic constitution distinguishing them from each other.

On outlines of the figure the British more dense and powerful. are characteristic Of them:

  • external stockiness;
  • rather short chubby paws;
  • reinforced shortish tail;
  • body weight is 4−8 kg.

Scots against the background of the immediate family look more graceful and graceful. They have no such well-fed nape, but there are harmonious pads and a long tail. Scots about 3−5 kg weigh.

Quality of a hair

The plush fur coat is characteristic of representatives of the British cat breed. The dense hair of these котофеев consists of a set of short hairs. The long-haired British are not. the Scottish breed, unlike them, includes two subspecies with a long hair:

  • Highland-fold;
  • Highland-strayt.

These cats are similar to a hat of a dandelion or a fluffy cloud as the extended wool does not adjoin to a trunk, and on the contrary, stands on end.

of Feature of character and favourite pose

Description of Cat Breeds

The British cats differ in independence and willfulness. They hate strangers and will never be given in hands if it is not wanted.

Kotofe of the Scottish breed are characterized by patience and friendliness, tranquility and steadiness. They also do not love when they are tried to be snuggled, however cannot just live without special attention to the person. To be always in the public eye and to attract to itself a look, they are ready to follow continuously the owner on heels.

It is known that cats are big fans of a sit-round gathering . Scots prefer to sit on the fifth point, having widely placed at the same time back pads. Also they like to fade in a semi-standing pose as if gophers.

neither that, nor another poses are not characteristic Of individuals of the British breed. It is explained by features of the internal structure of paws.

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