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of the Cat there live near the person an uncountable set of centuries. Their specific variety is huge, but people all the same have not enough. Constant experiments on crossing result in the most unexpected results during which there are new breeds whose cost quite often exceeds all reasonable limits. Therefore top-5 the most expensive cat breeds in the world will easily strike with figures of the unsophisticated fan of animals.

The Most Expensive Cats in the World


For years of cultivation of decorative pets there were general criteria determining the cost of rare breed. the Most important among them:

Top of 5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

  1. Difficulty of cultivation . The most expensive and rare cats can be brought only by experienced experts and those should use the huge efforts.
  2. Purity of a family tree . The classical factor determining the animal cost. Than the family tree, that high probability is cleaner that the kitten will grow the worthy representative of the breed.
  3. of the Mutation . Small deviations in development of an animal, an uneven color, irregular shape of ears — all this considerably reduces the pet's cost. In rare instances the mutation is capable to increase considerably animal value as it happens to heterochromia.

One small spot on a hair or presence of the ignoble ancestor can beat down the price of a kitten several times. It should be used if there is desire to receive the special pet, and spare cash is not found.

African savanna

African Savanna

An undisputed leader of a top is the breed "Savanna". The most modest price tag on a kitten begins with 4 thousand dollars. And here the cost limit still grows. Cases when people gave not less than 50 thousand dollars for the rare pet are known.

The breed costs the money. Most of all such cat is similar to a leopard. The characteristic color and the huge sizes do this parallel quite reasonable. The weight of the savanna fluctuates around 10−15 kg, and height — about 60 cm

Such miracle due to crossing of a Siamese cat and a wild African serval turned out.

History of Removal of Breed of a Cat

From the wild fellow the savanna inherited a graceful body, large ears and spotty wool. And here character at it quite house. The animal moderately curiously, playfully, perfectly feels in the conditions of the city apartment. Besides, savannas well transfer the neighbourhood with other pets, and they in certain cases became friends even for dogs.

of Chauzi (Шаузи)

Chauzi (Shauzi)

The breed of a chauza was received for the account of crossing of an Abyssinian cat and wild marsh lynx. There was it in 20 years prior to emergence of the savanna. Such treasure will cost 8−10 thousand dollars.

This breed possesses short wool and up to 8 kg. Has distinct traces of relationship with the wild ancestor which are shown in the power of paws, large ears and a long tail.

Interesting feature of nature of a chauza in surprising thirst for mobility. These cats surely explore the house up and down. They adore running, jumping and climbing on surfaces suitable for this purpose. All these habits remain up to an extreme old age.

Chauz surely need the company. This breed does not take out loneliness and if there is no person or other cat nearby, then also the dog will approach.


from Thailand

Breed of a Cat Kao-attract from Thailand

Kao-attract is also called a cat of the Thai kings, and there is she quite kingly — 7−10 thousand dollars. The name indicates antiquity of this breed at the same time, for the first time nice creation was mentioned in the manuscripts of Siam written in the 14th century.

Kao-attract could be brought only to the emperor and his immediate family. Was considered that the animal brings to the owners good luck, wealth and for many years lives. Besides, it has very pleasant appearance.

The cat of this breed is tiny, monotonous is snow-white and possesses shrill blue or yellow eyes. Very seldom kittens with eyes of different flowers are born, and such mutation is highly appreciated extremely.

The lovely creature pleases owners with surprisingly appeasable and gentle character which is combined with uncommon mind and ingenuity.

Primitive safari

Primitive Safari

The breed will cost the judge 4−8 thousand dollars. It is received after crossing of a domestic cat and a wild cat of Geoffroi.

The purpose of crossing was not esthetic. Scientists at that time looked for cat's leukemia medicine. Wild breeds do not suffer from this disease therefore the immunity could be transferred to their posterity.

Scientific expectations were not met, and here collectors of rare cat breeds were delighted. The turned-out kittens possessed a magnificent dark gray color and roundish black spots, and all this at quite large size (the weight reaches 11 kg).

Cost of a Cat

The character of an animal was not just friendly, but even to some extent loveful. The pet will please the owner with good intellectual indicators, high degree of independence and vigor.

Bengalese cat

Bengalese Cat

The Bengalese cat costs 1−4 thousand dollars. She is brought last century in the USA. Then crossed an ordinary domestic cat to Asian leopard. The turned-out bengal appeared the average size, with a graceful body of a leopard color. His wild look, the rounded-off ears and a thick tail are brightly allocated against the background of other breeds.

Little "leopard" has uncommon character. It self-confident and capricious. The animal prefers to choose to itself the owner therefore if to lose prestige, then the pet will turn into uncontrollable punishment.

Cheap tricks not to affect the Bengalese cat. The only way to deserve her respect is a benevolent spirit and patience.

you Should not get this breed in the following situations:

  • if in the house there are small children;
  • in the absence of desire and due character for education of the pet and support of the authority;
  • if pets of other types live in the apartment, besides a cat.

The Maintenance of Rare Cat Breeds in House Conditions

But with those with whom she will fall in love the cat manages gently, often sits on a shoulder, with pleasure adopts water procedures.

Expensive cat breeds will suit the people testing weakness before exotic and exclusivity. Rare pets will become excellent partners and more than once will help to dispel melancholic mood.

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