• Apr 27, 2019

Many fans of pets dream to be engaged in the organization of own nursery for cats. 5 useful advice will help to turn a dream into reality. But for stable business which will bring income it is necessary to learn about reefs which can meet in the course of conducting business. Actually therefore it is worth understanding details of cultivation of thoroughbred pets.

Own Nursery for Cats

Actually own cat's nursery can bring to

not only pleasure, but also good profit. But for a start it is necessary to understand as to organize it.

The Organization of Nursery for Cats

the Owner has to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

Equipment of Nursery for Cats

  1. Choice of breed . For a start it is worth being defined what cats want to be bred. It is the best of all to choose popular and expensive breeds. The British, Scottish cats and also the Don sphinxes are recognized as the most widespread today. On them it is worth paying special attention.
  2. To study special literature, to learn features of cultivation, contents, leaving. What diseases it is possible to face in process, about subtleties of treatment and prevention. This point is very important.
  3. the Choice of the place for nursery . If it is planned to create it in the private house, then it is possible to equip the warmed open-air cage, in it animals will feel is spacious and is comfortable. If the apartment is chosen, then pets should allocate the separate room, but it is impossible to get more than three cats in this case, it can negatively affect them, they will uneasily feel.
  4. Special equipment . That pets were healthy and active, some will be necessary for them "cat's gadgets" so here not to do without expenses. First, it is worth getting surely a kogtetochka, special stove benches where they can have a sleep with convenience, toilet trays and fillers for them, various toys. Secondly, it is worth preparing cosmetics, forages and vitamins in advance.
  5. Acquisition of cats. This moment the most responsible of all. You should not save on an animal, it is the best of all to get the best representative. It is necessary to do it only in the checked nurseries or at the proved razvodchik. In that case the posterity will have a clean family tree and the faultless standard of breed.
it is the best of all for

to buy kittens at the age of 3 months. They give in to training much better than adults.

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