• Mar 7, 2019

Earlier to choose from all brood of a kitten with the best health, kids were taken away from mother and born to the field, near the house. The cat moved off in searches of the crumbs and when found, moved them back in turn. That whom she brought very first was considered as the best. Today similar does not practice any more. 7 advice at the choice of a healthy kitten will help not to be mistaken with the choice of the pet.


The huge value has where it is planned to buy an animal. It is not recommended to take the kid from hands. In such cases the seller does not bear any responsibility for a kitten, he can deceive and sell the sick pet . In pet-shops it is also unreliable to buy. It is better to take the kid in nursery. As a rule, there attentively watch of wards over health. Cats with hereditary problems in cultivation are not allowed.

Choice of a Healthy Kitten

Choosing an animal, it is important to know that his age has to be not less than 12 weeks. In other words, it is necessary to take a kitten of 3 months. Such kid any more of will not need maternal milk which provides immunity.

It is necessary to observe how the pet behaves. If its movements easy and sure, it is the good sign. Usually healthy kittens show inquisitiveness and activity, they are not afraid of the person and do not seek to hide in a corner.

It is necessary to pay attention to how the pet looks. He should not be too fat or thin. When the animal is healthy, his wool slightly shines. If there are koltuna, is bad sign . The tousled look has to guard too.

the Important indicator of health of a little cat are his eyes and ears. If they clean, without allocations, it is good.

Sick Kitten

The watering eyes can be symptom of an infection. And also the similar symptom can speak about the following problems:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • cold;
  • allergy;
  • mechanical irritations, injuries of eyes;
  • intestinal parasites.

By all means it is necessary to look under a tail, there too everything has to be dry and clean.

Kitten at the Veterinarian

To understand, the pet is healthy or not, it is necessary to learn what appetite at it. It is necessary to observe a cat. If he eats with pleasure, quickly parting forcibly other kids, it is the remarkable sign. The animal eats too much? Perhaps, the reason in worms. In that case will be helped by expulsion of helminths . Just it is necessary to get rid of parasites. The small appetite always means only that the animal is unhealthy.

Thus, the active and playful kid it is necessary to notice.

Of course, is very important to provide it due care and in the future that it remained same healthy and shining, pleasing owners.

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