• Apr 25, 2019

according to veterinarians, correctness of a diet of a cat directly influences duration of her life. But not always what is considered favourite delicacy of pets brings them benefit. There are at least 5 popular beliefs in feeding of a cat which can become the reason of problems.

The correct diet for cats that is possible and it is impossible to give

is necessary to Cats fish

This product is not natural food for canine friends. Only some types of cat's eat it. Fish is a source of magnesium and phosphorus that adversely influences the urinogenital system of fluffy pets. In this product there are also a lot of bones with which it is easy to choke. And river fish is dangerous as in her there can be parasites.

Milk and sour cream — favourite food

It is one of the most popular delusions. More than 70% of cats have laktozny intolerance therefore consumption of milk can lead to serious frustration. Smetana is too fat for мурлык.

That did not arise problems with a liver, it is not necessary to feed the favourite with fermented milk products which fat content exceeds 6 — 8%.

Crude meat under a ban

Food of Cats

Meat and an offal are rich with protein and taurine — amino acid which is important for normal work of a cat's organism. can lead the Lack of enzyme to visual impairment or to a blindness, development of heart diseases.

Taurine is not synthesized in an animal organism, his only source are meat and an offal. That all these useful qualities remained, these products should be given in the raw.

is More than variety in food

Many consider that cats need more various food as is same every day to them bothers. It absolutely not so. U is 20 times less than them flavoring receptors , than at the person therefore the taste does not play an important role, the bigger value has a smell. Frequent and sharp change of a diet, on the contrary, can become the reason of problems with health.

the Dry feed is dangerous

If the forage of excellent quality is also picked up correctly, then it will never do much harm. For this reason it is worth avoiding economy class forages as they:

  • are made of bad raw materials;
  • are not balanced by amount of phosphorus and magnesium;
  • contain various chemical additives.

What It Is Possible to Feed Cats with and than It Is Impossible

Surely pay attention to the chemical composition, norms and features of feeding. If you doubt correctness of the choice, then it is better to address the expert. He will prompt that he will suit a specific cat.

It is important to remember that the diet of pets differs from food of the person. And not always the fact that it seems tasty and useful to owners will suit animals. If to follow all rules of feeding, then the pet can live up to 20 years!

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