• Feb 6, 2020

The opinion is widespread that education and training of a Maine Coon, as well as other cat — a fruitless task, cats walk in itself and training is not given in. However there is also an opinion that the Maine Coon is a dog in a cat's skin, and training of a Maine Coon can work wonders. The truth as it often happens, lies somewhere in the middle.

 Three Maine Coons of a photo

On a photo: Maine Coons. Photo: maxpixel.net

How to bring up a Maine Coon?

To answer the question "how to bring up a Maine Coon", it is necessary to know features of breed. Maine Coons possess steady mentality, at the same time are glad to contact with people, the vindictiveness and hysteria are not peculiar to them. However it does not mean that they are similar to dogs. As well as other cats, Maine Coons are quite self-sufficient, the leader is not necessary to them and implicit submission is alien. All this needs to be considered at education of a Maine Coon.

Education of a Maine Coon begins since childhood. In nursery the kitten of a Maine Coon learns to use a tray and a kogtetochka, gets used to people and acquires the first rules of life in the house.

However and to the owner it is worth making efforts on education of a Maine Coon. Encourage the correct actions of the pet, and you will be able easily to teach him to all necessary.

 Cat of breed Maine Coon of a photo

On a photo: Maine Coon. Photo: picryl.com

How to train a Maine Coon?

Contrary to ordinary opinion, cats give in to training, and Maine Coons – not an exception. Certainly, they will not protect the house or to look for the lost things, but simple tricks can train them. How to train a Maine Coon?

First of all, forget about violent methods. A game and encouragement – here only acceptable methods of training of a Maine Coon. Use favourite delicacy of a cat to motivate her to be engaged.

Observe the pet, understand that he likes to do – on these actions you will be able to construct tricks.

For example, many Maine Coons like to hunt for small objects and to drag them in teeth. Great! You can teach a cat to an aportirovka.

Maine Coons also easily learn to give a paw.

When training a Maine Coon it is possible to use a clicker, but it is possible to manage also the word marker designating the correct actions and foretelling to a cat the mass of pleasant surprises.

It is very important to remember that in training of a Maine Coon actions which are unpleasant to a cat are inadmissible. And in general training of a Maine Coon can become in one more way to communicate with the pet and to strengthen emotional connection, but should not become end in itself. Let communication will be in joy to both of you!

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