• Feb 28, 2019

It is considered div that cats badly give in to training. This statement is partly right, but it does not mean that it is impossible to train the pet in teams. If to follow some advice on training of a kitten in simple tricks which professional trainers give, then to make of a cat if not a star of circus then the amusing house actor quite perhaps.


Observation and fixing

Before starting training of the fluffy favourite, it is necessary to consider three major factors, ignoring which it is impossible to achieve the necessary objective. it is important to to remember:


  • the cat cannot induce something to be do if she does not want it;
  • use of physical force in relation to an animal will not bring desirable effect but only will nullify all efforts on training;
  • caress and attention of the owner — the main motive for an animal to carry out tricks.

To begin to be engaged better with a kitten who already was three months old. At this age of a cat are playful in itself therefore the owner needs only to to watch attentively behavior of an animal . It is necessary to define what to be pleasant to do to a kitten most of all and in every possible way to encourage these actions, accompanying them with verbal team. For example, if the cat likes to get into boxes, packages or bags, then this feature of the favourite can be used.

The Kitten Plays

The pet sitting in a box should be caressed, pronouncing at the same time the words of team. They can be any, here everything depends on imagination of the owner: from banal — "climb in a box" to ridiculous — "it is time to go home". The main thing that this phrase was not too long. It is proved that of a cat better perceive the hissing sounds . It can be used in the course of training too.

Similarly it is necessary to arrive also when training in other tricks.

However it is important to

to remember that on a dream animals spend much more time, than people, such games trainings should not tire with the poet the pet, especially if he is still a kid.

Encouragement and punishment

As encouragement it is possible to use favourite food of a cat. Here it is better not to be overzealous, on a full stomach the cat will not begin to be engaged, even not because will lose an incentive to execute commands, and is just like that put in her nature. All animals, having sated, try to go to bed to keep the energy received from food for long term.


But also the hungry pet hardly with pleasure will be engaged, all his thoughts will be only about food. For this reason it is so important to observe balance. The best time for occupations is in 10−15 minutes after awakening of an animal.

Cats very well understand intonation of the person. It can be used as disapproval of actions of the pet or the wrong implementation of commands. Also it is possible to add to intonation gestures and a mimicry . Animals perceive body language quicker, than the human speech, though is proved that cats easily remember about fifty various words and phrases.

cannot Punish a cat physically at all. These are very vindictive animals capable to remember offense for a long time.

Love, caress and attention of the owner — three main these lovely small animals making success when training.

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