• Sep 16, 2019
Most of owners мурлык are sure: it is absolutely impossible to train cats! But this opinion is wrong. Now even there take place dog agility competitions for cats and dances from murlyka gain popularity. So whether the answer to the question " cats дрессировк е" positive give in.
 Training of cats of a photo
On a photo: training of a cat

Training of cats in house conditions: dream or reality?

can Train a cat in house conditions! The main thing – to convince her that lessons are the another cheerful game. And literally for several weeks you will be able to teach a cat to 10 teams.
That needs to be known, starting training of cats, you ask. First of all, to remember that each cat is a personality with the character, habits and tastes.
Observe the pet. What favourite delicacy at it? Where does he like to have a rest? What toys does play? Use results of these observations in the course of training.
Stock up with
with patience and do not show cruelty at all. The cat will not cooperate with the person of whom she is afraid or dislikes.
can Begin training of a cat with any age, even with the earliest.

Methods of training of cats

U you the temptation can appear to apply power methods or punishments for training of a cat. However it is a big mistake. To order to a cat or to force her it is useless, it is even harmful. Murlyka has to be interested in lessons.
Therefore the only effective method of training of cats – a positive reinforcement. The correct actions have to be awarded. And here what award to choose: – to solve delicacy, stroking or a game to you, depending on preferences of your favourite.
will come to the rescue individual approach. For example, if the cat likes to play it with the stick decorated with plumelets it is possible to use as a pointer. So you teach a cat to jump through a hoop, to pass tunnels or to break barriers.
 Training of cats of a photo
On a photo: training кошк and
the Route for dog agility can be built in house conditions. Tunnels are on sale in toy stores, obstacles are constructed from plastic containers, boards or boxes. The main thing that they were safe for the pupil.

a clicker Method in training of cats

the Clicker (the small device publishing click when pressing the button) is used when training any animals, including cats long ago. The training technique by means of a clicker is universal and is suitable for all.
Charm of this method that the cat is absolutely convinced: it it trains you! She makes some actions, and you click and give a prize. Unless it is not pleasant? Therefore occupations with use of a clicker, as a rule, do not cause in a cat of resistance or negative emotions.
Remember that lessons should not be tightened. 5 minutes every day, than 1 hour continuously once a week are better to be engaged.

For a start needs to explain to you that click of a clicker – a pleasure harbinger. You will need to prepare small cut entertainment – favourite food of your cat. Click and right there offer food. So repeat many times.

 the Clicker in training of cats of a photo
On a photo: training of a cat by means of a clicker

Then start development of exercises. For example, show to a cat a toy pointer. As soon as the cat shows interest – click and an entertainment. Slightly move a pointer and as soon as the cat makes the movement in her party – click and an entertainment.

only when the cat makes the necessary action. "The wrong answers" are just ignored.

When the cat will capture an essense, you will be able to teach her practically to anything!

However you remember
that it is impossible to demand from a cat too much at once. Difficult tricks forget gradually, in several steps.
you Watch that the cat was not tired and that lessons did not bore it.
I that in new conditions training should be started anew. However, learned a cat in this case will remember quicker.

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