• Mar 1, 2019

big problems. It is necessary not only collect all documents, but also carefully to be prepared for a travel. The arising difficulties exceed even a trip with the child. That such difficulties did not become an insuperable barrier, it is necessary to know 10 rules of transportation of a cat in the train and the electric train.

10 rules of transportation of a cat in the train and the electric train

Necessary documents

Going to a trip with a cat, the main attention is paid to preparation of documents.

Should do it in advance that there was time stock.

in What it is necessary to be engaged:

Issue the Pet Passport.

  1. to Issue the pet passport . For this purpose the animal has medical examination and to it all inoculations become. In the document the seal of veterinary clinic signed by the veterinarian is set. If the passport to a cat cannot be issued, then it is possible to be limited to the reference with all information and with entering in the registration book of data of its owner.
  2. Veterinary certificate . Is given for 3 days. Too undertakes in a veterinary clinic. In it the quantity of the transported animals and their age is brought.
  3. Travel document . The ticket is bought. Its price is defined by the weight of an animal and a container for transportation.

Not always cashiers follow the accurate rules and give the ticket, as for transportation of 20 kg of baggage.

Collecting in a trip

Gathering in a trip it is necessary to make necessary preparations . Treat them:

Implantation of the Chip.

Breast-bands for a Cat

  1. Implantation of the chip. It will help to find an animal in case of his loss.
  2. Vaccination from worms. It is desirable to carry out it in an individual order, even in the absence of requirements from the veterinarian. Thus the risk of infection of surrounding fellow travelers will be eliminated.
  3. Container. The good portable house for a cat is an important point. Time of a trip is long and it is necessary to provide to a pet comfort.
  4. Diapers. In way the cat will need to go to a toilet. Therefore it is necessary to lay soft fabric on a bottom of a container. It is possible to put a tray, but not always for it there is enough place. Sometimes it causes a protest from fellow travelers.
  5. Breast-bands. In case of a long travel the animal will want to leave the dwelling. For this purpose breast-bands which the trunk ties round to it will be required. To them the lead fastens. It is unclear, as the pet will behave on freedom without these accessories.
  6. Products. Their quantity undertakes depending on distance range. Availability of water is obligatory.
  7. Medicines. They are necessary in the presence of diseases at an animal. Besides in an unusual situation the behavior of its organism is unpredictable.

Going to a travel with a pet in advance everything needs to be thought over and to prepare necessary documents.

It is impossible to leave it the last day as time before the trip can not be enough.

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