• Feb 13, 2020

my measured life took three months ago its course and did not foretell any changes. I live one in the one-room apartment. Well, friends sometimes look. I carry out the most part of day at work therefore the living space size is not so important for me. I come home late at night, I lay down to have a rest on a favourite sofa. But all my habitual order was destroyed by a cat by the name of Harry who decided that he is a full owner of my dwelling.

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Generally fluffy handsome of the British breed moved to me not forever. My sister gave birth to the kid, and at that it seems as the allergy began.

To find out disease epidemiology, the pediatrician advised to eliminate all estimated allergens. The unfortunate cat was included in this list, and therefore was temporarily sent to hotel for animals – that is, to me. The sister literally begged to look after the favourite several weeks also promised that she will surely take away it as soon as everything is formed.

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of animals. But, as the help, and to my nephew – lack of allergens was necessary for the sister, I agreed.

So this "presumable threat to health of the child" it appeared at me. I hoped that few weeks – and a fluffy lump will return to the habitual habitat.

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The sister assured that the two-year-old cat will not cause me any problems as he in principle not the fan to play about and caress. The British appreciate personal space and do not apply for others. Also agreed on that.

The first two days the poor fellow hid from me under a kitchen table. There was seldom, and that only to eat or celebrate need. It did not concern me at all: the affairs are enough, still time for a cat to spend.

But soon Harry understood that nothing threatens him, and began to behave as at home. Happened will sprawl in the middle of the room, and I need to bypass him. Because he categorically did not allow to touch himself, and to move him in a different way it was not represented possible.

In a week of accommodation the cat finally felt the owner. So that began to sleep on my favourite sofa. At the same time he laid down exclusively across that probably meant that I do not fit here.

Neither to move, nor it was impossible to banish Harry from the only berth. He began to hiss on me and if I did not stop the pathetic attempts, then the invader was scratched and bit. It was necessary to be attached on the remained, small sofa space which the tsar favourably for me left.

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It is possible to lie near it. The cat does not show in this case any aggression. Passed three months and good progress is observed.

If earlier I could not even stroke the pet, then now he even begins to purr at my touch. The truth lasts it no more than two minutes as the excessive caress of Harry begins to irritate. And if I do not take away a hand in time, then he or hits me with a paw, or slightly bites. But I so became attached to this conqueror that I do not abuse him for attacks.

Sometimes it turns out to occupy me by the first a free sofa, and then Harry lays down in my legs. But I should get up at night, I cannot back lay down any more. The cat as though specially waits for my excommunication to take the favourite place. And then I should huddle with edge again, lying on one side accidentally not to fall down.

In spite of the fact that the invader Harry became almost full owner in my house, in three months I so became attached to it that I look forward to the termination of the working day at last to come back home.

On the road I come into grocery store, I buy food to myself and Harry's forage. I know that he waits for my return as all day hungry sits. It seems to me that how many do not give it, everything will be a little. The cunning looks at me sad eyes and persistently beats about the bush about a bowl.

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All this time I did not cease to complain to the sister of occupation of my sofa. Said that I need rest, and her cat takes away from me the only place of a lodging for the night.

In reply she always laughed and said that I too exaggerate. Yes, Harry has difficult character, but with it it is possible to find a common language. The sister promised that she will take away a pet as soon as the pediatrician will resolve. And it is important to that to be convinced that the kid has no allergic reaction to cat's wool.

And yesterday the call was distributed and the sister told me that she shortly will arrive for Harry. Thanks to long observations, it was succeeded to find out that my nephew badly reacted to blossoming of violets of which cultivation she is fond long ago.

But as the reason is found, flowers are transferred to reliable hands, and nothing prevents to return back the favourite now. I, of course, am madly glad and I understand everything. But with whom I will sleep now?

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