• Feb 14, 2020
younger sister brought Few years ago to

home a tiny blue-eyed Siamese miracle. The kitten was very little. It seems that even eyes opened quite recently, but at the same time concerning proportions of his body seemed huge blue saucers.


We called it the Jack – it, of course, fell short of the king. But over time became very powerful figure in our family. The cat grew remarkable. Kind and tender, contrary to stereotypes about spiteful character of representatives of Siamese breed. But in full sense – house. It is more correct to tell – room. Because for all the life never left its limits.

Somehow in the spring we with family decided to come out to the dacha for several days. May holidays – an excellent occasion to indulge itself with brochettes and a sowing time in the heat. To leave a jack at home there was nobody therefore we decided to take him with ourselves. Let too will take a breath yes will have a good time outdoors.

Problems began at once as soon as we took a cat on hands to take out from the apartment and to transport to the car in the yard.

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It was worth crossing an apartment threshold, as always the peace and tender Jack turned into the mad monster: it was scratched, shouted, tried to escape. It was necessary to return to the apartment and to roll up a cat in a blanket. So we also carried him to the car.

While went, the Jack got out and began to rush about uneasily on the car, accompanying the movements with the frightened cries. For are an hour and a half expensive our pet lulled by monotonous rumbling of the engine calmed down a little.

On arrival into place, we first of all pulled out a cat and put on the island of a young green grass near gate that he could accustom independently. The jack all over nestled on the earth, without understanding what to do with freedom which suddenly fell down him.

We in turn called him, attracted delicacy, trying to entice to the house. But it continued to nestle on the earth and to shiver. Over a grass only ears and the frightened cat's eyes - blue saucers towered. So passed hour

The animal, though very slowly, but nevertheless began to recover, occasionally taking shy steps in the direction of the house. We almost already was calmed down as suddenly behind a fence the neighbour's rooster zakukarekat.

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Our unfortunate cat whose nerves already were on a limit from surprise jerked forward and jumped on a young birch that grew near gate. We did not manage to gasp as our pet appeared on the top of a tree, having strong caught claws the rocking top.

As soon as we did not try to get out the Jack: the ladder was put, then asked the neighbour's boy to get our sufferer, but it did not turn out.

The attempt just of its stryasta from the top on a grid was not crowned with success too. The cat strong seized claws a tree and refused to go down, but at the same time continued to shout heart-rendingly. We even began to doubt that our pet was frightened by an unfamiliar situation. It seemed, he "rescuers", shocked by actions.

Darkened. And the cat already ceased to shout. All fairly were tired. We decided to postpone a rescue operation until dawn and exhausted dispersed to sleep.

Not it is light when on the street the terrible roar was distributed. We jumped and rushed off to look. The father turned on the light on a porch, and there – a picture oil: our Jack sits on steps and in teeth holds a mouse.

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A look at it simply become stupid. It was the first mouse in his life got independently. The real, live, but not attached for a string toy.

Now there was our turn to be surprised – as it got down from a birch, itself moreover and accustomed so to begin hunting? And where cartridges with mother's seedling got to? And from where on a porch the earth undertook?

After we calmed down from an impetuous fit of laughter, understood where seedling got to. Mother very much was upset, but then told that she needs all the same to be landed urgently.

With the first beams of the sun we saved the thrown seedling now. In the morning the father went to the market and brought some more bushes on landing. And the Jack already important walked up and down on the yard – from yesterday's shock the cat did not have also trace.

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