• Mar 30, 2019

Any change of a situation, noise of transport, the closed space — a stress for an animal. To make a pet travel comfortable and to avoid his nervousness owners will be helped 6 advice on transportation of a cat in the train and the plane. If there is no opportunity to leave a fluffy at home or on overexposure, he is taken with themselves. But it is necessary to be prepared, considering some nuances.

6 councils for transportation of a cat in the train and the plane

When the travel by train is planned or the plane, it is necessary to pay attention to the general rules of transportation of cats and also to conditions of separate transport companies. For example, many trains allow to go with an animal only in a separate compartment which the owner of a cat or the person, with her the traveler has to redeem in advance.

Happens that airlines introduce restrictions (onboard no more than 2−3 animals) or the bans (transportation of pets only in the luggage compartment).

But there are also the general (for both means of transport) recommendations:

What Needs to Be Issued before Transportation of a Cat

Councils Feather to Transportation of a Cat

  1. To process travel documents (the pet passport where rage, plague and infectious hepatitis inoculations are specified).
  2. Purchase of the luggage ticket for transportation of an animal in the train on 20 kg of freight. On the plane the weight of a cat and a container is paid as excess baggage .
  3. It is necessary to pick up a convenient figurative bag. In it there have to be openings for ventilation. Ease and durability too in a priority. the Cover from dark fabric will allow a pet to be nervous and irritated less from an unfamiliar look .
  4. Before a trip the animal needs to be walked or taken a tray with himself in the road.
  5. At long travel of cats can rock to sleep therefore before a trip not to feed them 12−18 hours and to stock up with additional laying. And also to organize continuous access of an animal to water . In food quality it is better to use dry feeds.
  6. For several days before a trip can give demulcents on a natural basis (Kot Bayun, Fiteks, the Stop stress).

Observance of these rules will allow the owner and the pet it is easier to postpone a travel. Still it is possible to use services of the special companies which are engaged in transportation of pets.

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