• Sep 16, 2019
In the habitat of a cat know that it is necessary for them for health, but pets sometimes need to be supported by vitamins. Let's understand as when it is necessary to give to a cat.

What is dietary supplements and vitamins for a cat

Vitamins are the irreplaceable organic matter coming to an organism in extremely small doses. As a rule, vitamins arrive with food and are not synthesized by an organism.

Vitamins are water-soluble (In, With, P) and fat-soluble (And, D, E, J).

Vitamins are necessary in order that the organism functioned without failures.

dietary supplements are dietary supplements. They are not obligatory components of a diet. If food is balanced, they are not necessary at all — all necessary arrives from food.

dietary supplements or vitamins Are necessary to a cat

to understand whether the cat needs to offer in addition vitamins or dietary supplements, address the veterinarian. He will pick up medicines and will consult how it is better to apply them.

Exist the all-strengthening medicines (are applied seasonally, for example, in the spring, or during active growth) and also medicines of the directed action (improve a condition of wool, leather, the musculoskeletal device, etc.)
the Need for vitamins or dietary supplements depends also on age of a cat.
The Cat Eats Photo Vitamins

Hypovitaminosis and гипервитаминоз at cats

At total absence of vitamins (avitaminosis) can develop heavy frustration in an organism of a cat, however in the modern world it almost does not meet. The shortage of vitamins — hypovitaminosis is more often observed.

Hypovitaminosis happens 2 types:

  1. Primary (exogenous, alimentary) it is connected with a lack of intake of vitamins C food.
  2. Secondary (endogenous) it is connected with change of comprehensibility of vitamins an organism. Violation of process of absorption of vitamins (digestive tract disease), the increased need for these or those vitamins (for example, as a result of decrease or temperature increase of air), physiological violations (oxygen starvation, psychological or physical tension), pregnancy, etc. can be the reasons. There is a vitamin - the resistant state caused by genetic defects of the proteins participating in transportation of vitamins and their transformation into active agents.
At the shortage of vitamins is impossible the correct metabolism, the risk of infectious diseases increases.

Happens and гипервитаминоз — the metabolic disorder caused by excess of these or those vitamins. Generally it concerns fat-soluble vitamins which are in the habit to collect in a liver. For example, if to overdo with the complexes containing vitamins A and D.

the All-strengthening medicines for cats

Are appointed or in the period of seasonal hypovitaminosis (fall and spring), or during the periods of active growth of a kitten and also to pregnant cats and elderly pets. Also they are appointed at unbalanced or defective feeding.
Composition of the all-strengthening medicines for cats includes all necessary vitamins and minerals. They are similar on structure.

Medicines of the directed action for cats

These medicines are designed "to correct" weak points of a cat. They influence a condition of separate bodies and systems: skin, wool, musculoskeletal device, etc. Are issued in powders, solutions and tablets. Depending on the purpose have different composition of amino acids, minerals, minerals and vitamins.
For example, the medicines influencing wool and leather are characterized by the increased content of fatty acids, a full range important for skin and wool of amino acids and an expanded range of minerals and vitamins.

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