• Oct 7, 2019

of the Cat very clean animals. They carefully lick the fur coat after meal, visits of a toilet, games with the owner. But time in half a year of a pet needs to be bathed. How to make it if he is afraid of water? It is necessary to approach business responsibly, to apply a few cunnings and the subtleties described in our councils to secure itself and to save the fluffy friend from a stress.

Water procedures: 6 councils as are safe and to expiate without stress a cat

to Prepare the bathroom

Be prepared carefully – all necessary accessories have to be near at hand, the cat will obediently not sit in the bathroom and to wait until you bring, for example, a towel. So, it will be necessary for you:

  1. Two plastic basins for bathing. In one you will pour water for washing, in another for rinsing. Water level has to reach to a cat a stomach.
  2. Thermometer. Water temperature should not exceed 39 °C.
  3. A sponge for washing.
  4. Specialized shampoo suitable for hair of your animal (short-haired or long-haired).
  5. A ladle or a shower watering can, depending on with what it is more convenient to water.
  6. Dry towels: wafer and terry. On a case of unplanned situations spread one on a floor.
  7. Before the bathing procedure to remove all excess objects a visibility range and in advance to open a bottle with shampoo.
  8. Prepare a special hairbrush for a cat.

to Cut off claws

The bathroom is prepared, now pay attention to a cat. It is necessary to cut off claws. It will secure your body against deep and painful scratches. Kind of you calmed and did not keep a cat in the bathroom, he will escape and make a start from everything paws, using claws. Therefore special scissors for a hairstyle of claws accurately, without reaching a membrane, the biting-off movements of scissors, cut off them.

to Comb out wool lumps

Comb a crest a hair, comb out the lumps which are strongly confused it is necessary to cut off. Especially important it for long-haired handsome to wash out properly all fur and an underfur including.

to Use a basin

It perfectly will be suitable for bathing. In the presence of two pieces work will become simpler even more. In advance pour in them water of the necessary temperature (the first will be for washing, the second for rinsing). So you will save a cat from an excess stress, and he will not be frightened by noise of water from the crane or a pressure from a shower.

to Close a door to the bathroom

When everything is prepared and water for bathing is gathered, bring a cat to the bathroom and close a door. Even if it will turn out so that he will escape and will try to escape, then with the closed door it will not be possible to make it.

Well and the second aspect is temperature in the bathroom. At an open door cool air will get and the wet animal will freeze.

to Wrap up a cat in a towel and to place in the warm place

After the cat was washed and well rinsed from shampoo, wipe a towel and wrap up big terry, gentle movements, kind of absorbing moisture from wool in it. Strongly it is not necessary to rub – a cat and is so frightened. Then bring the pet to the warmest place in the apartment and let's dry. Lay under it something warm. When the animal dries, comb his clean fur coat a crest with rare cloves.

Using these councils, you protect the cat from a severe stress. And time of fear will not be, and water procedures will be further simple and pleasant.

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