• Jan 13, 2020

American curls in art

the American curl of a gray color by the name of the Wafer — the hero of the cartoon serial "Tsap-tsarap" removed by Americans. A wafer — youngest among the brothers shown in an animated cartoon. It is the most trustful and kind (as well as all kerla, however). For the first time the cartoon serial was shown in 2005 on Nickelodeon channel.

the American curl is also a hero of the web comic book "Eykvud" - it is absurd drawn a story about life of toys, robots and animals.

was marked March, 2013 by release of coins of the new series "Dogs and Cats". And the first release including six coins displays also an American curl. The coin devoted to this cat silver with blue zircon.
 with the image of an American curl of a photo On a photo: a coin with the image of an American curl

Famous owners of American curls

practically does not leave American curls the New York designer of hats (and in the past model) Caroline Scott. She is also engaged in cultivation of this breed. And one of its most popular hats a form reminds a cat. In any case, its side parts are bent as well as ears of favourite pets.

One more fan of American curls — a celebrity of Hollywood of Sigourney of Weaver.

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